How Does Intrapersonal And Interpersonal Perception Impact An Individual's Success

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Intrapersonal and interpersonal perceptions impact an individual’s success at university and later in the workplace through an individual’s emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence is an individual’s ability to notice and manage emotional cues and information, compromising of self-awareness, self-management, self-motivation, empathy and social skills. This is where intrapersonal perceptions impact an individual’s success particularly through an individual’s self-awareness and motivation, allowing the individual to understand what he or she is capable off doing and ability to make decisions will ultimately contribute to his or her success. In the other hand, social skills is a key aspect of intrapersonal perception that influences an individual’s success, where having the ability to communicate with others effectively will ultimately impact an individual’s success at university and in the workplace.

Intrapersonal perception contributes to individual success in university through providing insights on an individual ability to perform in university. This self-assessment allows an individual to judge whether they have to put more effort into studying or when to make necessary changes to their study patterns in order to perform effectively. This is where an individual who is able to provide themselves with an accurate self-assessment of their knowledge, enables them to attain feedback’s that is necessary to know whether what they’re doing is helping or hindering them (Bercher, 2012). The feedback allows them to improve the areas at which they lack knowledge, ultimately allowing them to maximise their understanding of the contents before an exam. Likewise, High intrapersonal perception allows an individual to make robust decisions, whereby individual with high intrapersonal perception have clearer career goals in which allows them to pick an academic major more thoughtfully. The individual consequently, have greater focus on what he or her wants to achieve in the future, in which leads to greater success in university in which will carry on into their working life(Shearer, 2009). An individual with ‘low’ intrapersonal perception in the other hand is less likely to succeed in university, where career indecision and uncertainty being a significant factor for an individual opting to leave university (Shearer, 2009).

Similarly, intrapersonal perception contributes to individual success in the workplace through an individual’s self-assessment ability, particularly in an individual’s self-talk and self-efficacy. For a leader in a business such as a manager, self-talk is crucial in being able to successfully manage his or her employees. This is where self-talk allows a leader to better understand the behaviour of employees and situations that may occur in the workplace, in which allows them to “effectively address individual and team-level needs, problems, and challenges” (Rogelberg and Justice et al., 2013: p186). A leader who takes...

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