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How Does John Lennon Use The Imaginary Journey To Convey Ideas?

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"Imagine" by John LennonJohn Lennon uses the imaginary journey to convey ideas about serenity and harmony throughout humanity. He once commented the song was "anti-religious, anti-nationalist, anti-conventional and anti-capitalistic song, but because it's sugar-coated, it's accepted". He achieves this purpose through the use of soft soothing piano music, "utopian" lyrics and implications of invitations by using the word "imagine" repeatedly. "Imagine" is by all means a classic which will endure in the hearts of many, as long as it is still around.During this song, Lennon takes the audience on an imaginative journey to his version of Utopia. The imaginative journey here focuses on peace and unity between all mankind. Lennon indicates that the causes ...view middle of the document...

However, it was later proven that the song's refrain was coined by his wife, Yoko Ono, in reaction to her childhood in Japan during the Second World War.During his journey, Lennon incorporates techniques such as repetition and soft soothing piano music to take us into his fantasy where the existence of prejudice, "greed" and "hunger" are ultimately eliminated. Throughout the song, he repeats the word "imagine" several times. This implicates an invitation for the audience to join him in his imagination where "all the people", the "brotherhood of men" could be found "living life in peace". Lennon's melodic piano style conveys a poignant innocence, which complements the theme of the song perfectly. The music stays simple and seems to grasp the lyrics without a seam. It is the type of song that will appeal to almost anyone who hears it because of its rhythmic, almost hypnotic sound.I think that John Lennon wanted to spread a message of peace and harmony through his song. He wants us to imagine that there are no countries to segregate us, no possessions to validate us, no greed to corrupt us, No hunger to anguish us. And having peace as the greatest factor of our world we live in. Lennon wanted us to take his message into consideration for a better world. Personally, I think that he wanted us to realise even though humans have their differences, the most interesting thing is, even when we are arguing with each other, our hearts are beating in unison. We should know that we are all part of the whole, we are all together. And everything that we do affects each other.In conclusion, John Lennon has used a variety of techniques such as repetition and soft innocent piano music to "invite" his audience into his very own fantasy of a perfect world.

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