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How Does Malcolm X Embrace True Islam And Left The Racism?

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Malcolm X is one of the unsung heroes; he was a victim of democracy. He is known as an African American speaker, one of the most effective speakers in the 20th century. Many people only know about the national heroes and neglecting local heroes who really suffered of serving & helping their countries. Such heroes had the honest believe in what they are doing and believe in correcting the wrong situations; even if it will lead them to bad consequences. Also, sometimes sacrifices of their life in order to develop their country and make it a better place to live. Malcolm X is one of those heroes, heroes that people don’t know the truth about them, due to the publication efforts in hiding their stories for democratic reasons. Malcolm X was a huge player in the civil rights battle that faced the United States in the 1960’s. Malcolm X was born in Omaha, Nebraska, on May 25, 1925.. He was the second in command in the Nation of Islam. Also, Malcolm established many mosques all over the country. He became open minded after his journey to Mecca and started to accept the whites. Before that, he had some racism in his way of thinking and what people don’t know that he changed after his journey to Mecca. My paper will show who he was affected by Elijah Mohammad, his journey to Mecca and how it changed his personality especially in the racism side and what he gained from reaching the true Islam, which changed his thinking in many ways.
Malcolm X embraced true Islam when he made the pilgrimage after he left the Nation of Islam and found the truth about his leader Elijah Mohammad. After leaving the nation of Islam, he started to search for the answers to his questions. He found all what he need in his trip to Mecca. However, before this changing, he was mentally affected by external factors. Mohammad (who was the lead of the nation of Islam) nurtured Malcolm from his wisdom, Malcolm felt like he is his son and he learned a lot from him. Mohammad was the sight for Malcolm, as he said “lamb of a man”. Malcolm’s words were his power, which described what the blacks had to go through with the whites. The nation of Islam view had some racism against the whites and that kept Malcolm from accepting that there are some whites might be useful in helping the situation. He preached that the whites are devils for twelve years, and Elijah Mohammad was the God’s messenger. On march 12, 1964, when an internal jealousy happened in the nation of Islam, and when he found about Elijah Mohammad sexual immorality, he left the nation of Islam with idea if starting his own organization. “I feel like a man who has been asleep somewhat and under someone else's control. I feel what I'm thinking and saying now is for myself. Before, it was for and by guidance of another, now I think with my own mind” (Malcolm X, 1964).
Malcolm X pilgrimage answered all his questions and concerns. After Malcolm left the nation of Islam; he was still preaching that the blacks...

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