How Does Marijuana Law Works In District Of Columbia Class Research Paper

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How does the Marijuana Law works in DC?
History of marijuana has been very extensive and it’s still is. There’s this cannabis plant called the hemp, also it’s another word for marijuana (Google “hemp definition”). Hemp also used to make rope, stout fabrics, fiberboard, and paper (Google “hemp definition”). According to (PBS 1995-2014), from 1600’s to 1890’s the farms in America was motivated by the government back in the 17th century of making ropes, sails, and clothing. However, Maryland, Virginia and Pennsylvania were allowed to grow marijuana on farms (PBS 195-2014). Meanwhile, after the Civil War the domestic production were very outstanding but then in the late 19th century, marijuana became a well-liked drug and was being sold to many pharmacies ( PBS 1995-2014). Moreover, around that time marijuana became a passion in United States. (PBS 1995-2014).
Marijuana has been legalized in some states. Otherwise, there are 8 states in the United States that legalize marijuana and they are Nevada, Maine, Colorado, Washington, California, Massachusetts, Alaska, Oregon and Washington DC (Cannabis in the United States, Wiki). They’re also used for both recreational and medical uses (Cannabis in the United States, Wiki). In fact, it’s only a few states that legalize marijuana for medical uses only and they are Arizona, New Mexico, Louisiana, Florida, Arkansas, Montana, North Dakota, Michigan, Minnesota, Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Vermont and New Hampshire ( Governing 2016).
The DC laws on marijuana use and possession are vague. But by explaining some of the rules and laws for possession and use, it can be clearer. First of all, Marijuana is legal in DC. Also marijuana new law became effective on February 26, 2015 (MPD, 2015). According to Captain Patrick Radar (2016), marijuana is not allowed on the Federal property or people will get arrested for possession of marijuana. For one thing, you can get possessing for marijuana if you’re not over 21 (Kush Tourism 2016). Marijuana can only be grown on your own property (Kush Tourism 2016). Therefore, every year the uses of marijuana increased and the government starting to realize people can grow marijuana on their own private property (MPD, 2015). The strength of this source is if people on a federal property with marijuana, they can still be arrested (Cogan, 2015). The weakness of this source is people use marijuana in all kinds of snacks like cookies, brownies, gummies and cake (Cogan, 2015).
The first part of the law is who can possess it. According to Aaron Houston (2014), the congress decided to block the federal government the marijuana law. They’ll let people use medical marijuana if needed so it can protect people from being sick or those who have or can get cancer (Houston, 2014). Also if people get caught with marijuana, they’ll get a $1,000 fine or go to jail for a year...

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