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How Does Music Reflect Society Essay

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How does music reflect society?
The baroque period was a time of radical change that brought about some of the greatest composers and artists we know of today. However when one looks at art, they might think about how the people were back then, and if looking/listening to the art of that time that one might be able to picture everything. How does music reflect society? This has to do with Human ingenuity which shall be looked through and explained in this essay. According to the IB website, ”Human ingenuity allow students to focus on the evolution, process and products of human creativity and their impact on life and society. Human ingenuity provides opportunities for students to appreciate and develop in themselves the human capacity to create, transform, enjoy and improve the quality of life.”

The baroque period was during the 1600’s that started in Rome, before spreading quickly throughout Europe. It can be considered a time where a new Art movement flourished as people were expressing themselves in the most creative ways possible. Baroque comes from the Portuguese word Barroco, which means something irregular or strange. At this time, art was being changed. Most of the art of this period is complex, to the point that it evoked feelings towards the “audience”, usually in dramatic ways. Baroque Art wasn’t meant to depict the life style of people at that time, however it is usually noticeable that most of the art have some ties with the catholic religion. While Baroque art is almost its own style, one can compare it to the styles of Renaissance and Neoclassicism. In terms of music, it is believed that Baroque brought about new music styles, including Cantatas, Operas, Canons and Concertos. It is said that the Baroque period ended in 1750, at the time of Bach’s death. How was society back in the Baroque era? Well for starters all countries (in Europe) were run by a monarchy. Some kings such as Louis XIV loved music and hired composers to write music for them. Religion was also something important at the time, especially the Catholic Church. [1] [2]

There were many different large scale events going on around the baroque era. This included the Great fire of London, the plague and the 30 year war. The Great hearth of London started in Pudding Lane the fire started in a baker’s shop owned by Thomas Farriner – who was the king’s baker His maid didn't place out the ovens at the top of the night. the warmth created by the ovens caused sparks to ignite the wood home of Farriner. In her panic, the maid tried to climb out of the building however unsuccessful. She was one amongst the few victims of the fire. Once it started, the fire spread quickly. The town was essentially created out of wood and with September following on from the summer, the town was terribly dry. sturdy winds spread-out the flames.[6] The Great Plague was the last major epidemic of the plague to occur within the Kingdom of England (part of contemporary United Kingdom). It happened...

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