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How Does Noise Pollution Effect Humans?

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One typical day, you are walking down the street with your headphones on and listening to your favorite song on high volume. Then, you walk by a construction site, and the workers are working hard with all those ear-splitting construction tools and machines. As you walk to your front door, your neighbor is mowing his lawn with his very loud lawn mower. Next, you enter your house, and your mom is vacuuming. The vacuum cleaner with its deafening sound goes on for at least an hour. Before going to bed, you take a shower and blow-dry your hair with your noisy hair dryer. All those ear-piercing and loud noise you heard throughout the day causes noise pollution. Noise pollution affects the human being in many dreadful ways; it leads to disturbances in mental health, impaired task performance, negative social behaviors and annoyance reactions.
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Impaired task performance at school and at work is another effect of noise pollution. Noise pollution increases errors and negatively affects learning, reading attention, problem solving, memory, school performance, motivation, and emotional and social development. Furthermore, living in noisy houses and going to schools near sources of noise like airports and highways leads to the impairment of cognitive and language development and reading achievement in children. In addition, children who live in noisy areas have increased levels of stress related hormones and high resting blood pressure, and they were higher in children with low academic performance. Homes and schools should be less noisy and should be located in areas that are almost noise-free to enhance the performance of children.
Noise pollution triggers negative social behaviors and annoyance reactions in people. Experimenters have found out that noise causes the same kind of effects as other stressors. Moreover, when noise is associated with vibrations or low frequency components, annoyance and negative reactions increase, which include anger, depression, helplessness, and disappointment. These effects intensify if there is no control and no limitation to the noise. In addition, noise pollution does not cause and produce aggressive behaviors, but they do trigger them with the presence of anger, provocation, and psychoactive agents like alcohol. Furthermore, noise that are above 80 dB lead to the increase of aggressive behaviors and to the decrease of helpful social behaviors. These effects may be the cause of the hostile behaviors of citizens who live in congested and noisy urban environments.
Noise pollution is directly related to the increase of mental health disturbances, the decrease of children’s academic performances, and the increase of negative social behaviors and annoyance reactions. In the future, noise pollution and its effects will increase significantly unless we humans put an end to it to make the Earth a peaceful place to live for every living thing.

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