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How Does Ocean Acidification Affect Ocean Life?

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Introduction: The question that the researcher is trying to answer is if there is acidification alters oceanic life due to a change in pH. The hypothesis is if there is a change in pH in the tank then the fish will have altered feeding patterns, stunted growth, and abnormal behavior. Even if there is a slight change in pH distinct abnormalities will occur. This simulation of this experiment will represent a sample for the whole ocean and how pH has affected ocean life due to runoff and toxic waste put into the water.

Methodology: The experimenter used two ten gallon tanks. One tank will be used for the controlled group and the other tank will be used for the experimental group. Each tank ...view middle of the document...

The controlled group tank was cleaned every month and the experimental group was cleaned every time there was a pH change.

Results and Analysis: The experimental group was exposed to altered pH levels. Each change added more stress to the fish. The higher the pH became the less outer slime the fish had. The higher pH levels also caused the fish to reduce it’s total movements making the fish travel less and the fish started to eat less. The above average levels stunted the fish’s growth in some cases. In the experimental group tang one was three inches and six centimeters and tang two was three inches and four centimeters. Clownfish one was two inches and two centimeters and clownfish two was two inches and three centimeters. Damsel one was two inches and three centimeters and damsel two was two inches and five centimeters. After the first change to 8.6 all fish experienced a slight change to its eating habits and began to move less. The second change in pH came with more noticeable changes. At the pH of 9 all fish lost it’s slime making it’s skin more dry. Both tangs shrank one centimeter, clownfish one shrank one centimeter, and the damsels were left unaffected. Third change occurred and deaths began to occur clownfish one and damsel one died. The rest shrank one...

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