How Does Our Memory Work? Essay

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Memory is not only sorted information we recall when we want. Actually, it is a journey from the present to the past, and for this reason the BBC displayed an amazing broadcast. The video is about different conditions and diseases affect the ability to remember. The video graduated from children’s ability to remember until finished with Alzheimer’s disease.
First experiment was done by Professor Mark Howe, the purpose of it was to observe children’s ability to recognize themselves on a mirror. Most children were deceptive about a paint was stained on their noses. Only two recognized that the paint was on their noses not on the mirror. After that, the professor showed them a doll in a room to see if they can remember its place after two weeks. The purpose of this test is to see if they can form autobiographical memory.
Also, the video talked about John Forbes story. He was born prematurely which later affected his memory. John has amnesia so he cannot recall many parts of his life. It was found that he only has half the size of the hippocampi compared with healthy people. A related experiment revealed that the same part of brain is activated when we think about the past and the future because the future based on experiences in the past, this condition called mental time travel. Because John is not able to remember the past, he cannot imagine the future.
The video showed amazing features and information about the brain and memory. However, the brain is not able to erase bad moments of the past. As an example, a story about a girl had a bad experience with a guy. Genevieve gets nervous and cries each time she remember the experience. Professor Alain Brunet gave Genevieve a medication (propranolol) to turn down the memory of the experience. Although she showed some improvement regarding her emotions about the experience, she cannot erase the whole experience. In the near future we may have a medication help people with posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) by erasing all that sad moments.
Many changes happen to the human body as we become older. In addition, many changes also happen to the brain. Professor Randy Buckner found that the white matter in the brain decreases with aging. Next, the video showed the story of John...

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