How Does Patient Centered Care Compare To Inattention To Patient´S Self Concept Effect Outcome In Disease Processes?

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According to North Carolina Board of Educators, “Nurses hold the public’s trust.” “Professional behaviors are those actions by the nurse that invite trust and inspire confidence. Learning to exemplify those behaviors requires an understanding of leadership principles, a commitment to the profession, and an acceptance of a work ethic.” The role of the nurse is to find the client’s strength and build upon it. However in this case study, the doctor makes a remark that can take the self- confidence right out of the patient. This concept does not explain how to handle inappropriate conversations with our client’s made by professional health care providers.

Evidence-based Approach
The question that we would like to research is “In physicians, how does patient centered care, compared to inattention to patient’s self-concept effect the outcome in disease processes?”
According to research by (Weiner, et al., 2013) “Participants: 774 patients audio-recorded encounters with 139 resident physicians. Measurements: Individualized outcome measures were based on the contextual red flag, such as improved blood pressure control in a patient presenting with hypertension and loss of medication coverage” (Weiner, et al., 2013).
“Conclusion: Attention to patient needs and circumstances when planning care is associated with improved health care outcomes” (Weiner, et al., 2013).
“It is not designed to discern whether a communication process results in a care plan that is actually patient-centered. For instance, the comment, “Boy, it’s been tough since I lost my job!” from a hypertensive patient might elicit an empathic, rapport-building response, such as, “I can imagine. I am sorry to hear that. It’s a rough economy these days”. The Roter Interaction Analysis System codes these utterances as patient-centered, regardless of the...

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