How Does Playing Games Affect The Mind?

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Now let us talk about the subversion games! Have you ever wanted to be a bad guy? Have you ever wondered what would happen if, I was to join the Military and killed someone. That is what subversion games are! You basically do things that would be deemed harsh in real life. Like you would be a mass murderer in Grand Theft Auto, I am pretty sure my friend does that, but she just lied to me! Anyways off topic, so that’s what subversion games do, they let you act out being a bad guy or doing something you know for sure you would never do in real life. People would think you are crazy and throw you in jail. No need to worry thought that’s what these games are for to help you feel satisfied to get ...view middle of the document...

There are two types of gamers, the casual players and the Hard Core Players. I definitely fall under hard core player. This is how you categorize it Hard Gamers are the people who stay up all night, forget about responsibilities and just immerse themselves in the game. They wait for the next game to come out and they just spend hours upon hours playing. For example I play roughly 4-8 hours on weekdays and roughly 10-15 on weekends per day that’s Saturday and Sunday. I love gaming and it is just the amazing feeling of playing! Well on the other side of the world is the Casual gamer. The occasional gamer who loves playing games but they still do other things. For example my friend Sebastian Santos, loves to play this game called Age Of Empires III it is a real time strategy game where you control armies and try to annihilate the enemy. Well he loves this game but he doesn’t play it 24/7 or roughly around that time. He still enjoys it though. That’s a casual gamer. So let us put this in similar terms. So a Hard Core gamer is the diehard, I will play this game forever please don’t bother me, get at my level gamer. Then there is the casual gamer who enjoys playing, but doesn’t fully immerse themselves in it. So now lets us down to business! What kind of gamer do you think you are? Well let us see, Answer these question truthfully. Do you play games more then 6-10 hours a day? Do you eagerly wait for school to play on you council or Pc? Do you constantly think of how you can improve yourself in that certain game? Well my friend if you answered yes to these questions you are obviously a hard core gamer for life and we will be the best of friends! If you answered no then you’re a casual gamer and your are still cool but you are not into it as much as I and a million other people are!
Okay now let us get some gamer account on how they feel gaming has affected them. Well most gamers out there say, gaming has never really affected them in a negative way. They say if anything games have really helped them in life, like one user said “Positively, for sure. The only way they have affected me negatively is how any mode of entertainment can affect me negatively.” Most gamers agree though that gaming can be a huge time consumer, A personal account is how I play games and then get really off track and forget to do my homework and its already 1:00am in the morning and I am so tired because I played games all night and all I want to do is sleep. Then I wake up the next morning and feel bad because knew I should’ve done my homework. That is my account on the only negative affect I have had with gaming. Most gamers out there would agree to that gaming really takes up a lot of your time. Time you could have been using to be a little more productive in your life. I think the general population of gamers believe that gaming has no negative effect besides the fact that you get side tracked and lose track of time and then end up not doing whatever you were suppose...

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