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How Does Power Refect The Choices People Make? Refer And Link To Monatna 1948 By Larry Watson, And 2 Other Texts Of Videos To Support Your Answer To The Question

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The power a person has influences the choices they make, both positive and negative. It comes down to the personal values and moral obligations of an individual to make important choices. The novel, 'Montana 1948', explores characters who lack power opposed to those with immense power, and the choices they make based on their ethical and moral values. The writer uses the characters and the plot structure to communicate the main theme of choice. 'Uganda's Stolen Youth' is a feature article that shows the lack of power that children have, in third world countries. It uses large headings and quotes throughout the article to emphasise, communicate and persuade the key idea easily. 'Remember the Titans,' staring Denzel Washington is a movie that explores prejudice and the changing values of a football team and the community they live in. The visual text and feature article both have common links, through the abuse of powerful people on those who lack power, and the minority that have both power and ethical values. These common threads link to the ways that choice is used in 'Montana 1948', By Larry Watson.The novel 'Montana 1948' explores three very different characters and their relationships. It shows the large impact that choice can have on people. Wesley is the main body of power in the novel and his choices made are influenced by his moral and ethical values. Frank is shown as an abuse of power through the lack of power Marie has along with the other Indians.'They're used to being treated by the medicine man ... but a doctor comes around and they think he's the evil spirit or something'The writer reflects choice through the first person narrative of Wesley's son David. Through this the audience gains an opinionated view of all the main characters through a child's perspective. The writer emphasises the main idea of choice through the characters used. He shows different choices people have, who are completely different to each other. Plot structure is used to show how much of an impact Wesley's choice on his whole family. It uses the aftermath of Frank's death to illustrate the impacts of choice through the broken relationships, of a once close family and well-respected family. Montana shows how power is abused, but also shows 'power' that has been influenced by good moral and ethical values. It stresses the negative impacts choices can have, including the 'right' ones.The feature article 'In Search of Uganda's Lost Youth' reflects choice in many ways. The writer uses pictures to emphasis the story and has large headings and quotes making it easy to see what the article is about. The beginning of the article gives a first person recount of how one main child was treated, and then switches back to third person to inform the reader of the facts and statistics. It shows the lack of choice youth have in third world countries and cruelty of the leaders with power:"...Commander already had three wives but took her for his fourth."It also shows the lack...

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679 words - 3 pages some of the actions taken by Grandpa Hayden. David's point of view can also show a better and personal description of all of the other characters because he is close to all of them. The themes racism and abuse of power is repeated throughout the story. This is done by how Native Americans were constantly taken advantage of and did not receive any attention by the other officers.

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