How Does Robert Frost In His Poem “A Minor Bird” Convey The Common Reality That It Is Man’s Common Fault That He Always Disturbs The Systematic Flow Of Nature?

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Though the poem "A Minor Bird" by Robert Frost looks a simple one, the message that the poet attempts to covey through it is very deep. Frost believes that "A poem begins with delight and ends with wisdom." In this poem, he highlights the common reality that it is man's common fault that he always disturbs the systematic flow of nature. He makes this revelation through his understanding about this truth, having made a simple mistake without thinking much about the final outcome of it. Hence, the theme can be taken as one with a universal value.

The incident in this poem is a very simple one. The narrator hears a singing of a tiny bird early in the morning and at the very first moment he wishes that the bird would fly away without singing by his home all day. It is because he might think this singing as a nuisance.

"I have wished the bird would fly away

And not sing by my house all day"

The phrase "all day" may suggest that this thing happened in morning and the poet did not want to hear the sound during the rest of the day. Normally, chirping of a little bird must be a little interesting. But in this case, the narrator wishes this bird would fly away. Perhaps, the song of this bird might be disturbing his concentration. The adjective "Minor" in the title which describes the bird, seems to suggest that this bird was a tiny, insignificant creature, which seems to have no value for the writer. A bird, whether large or small in size, is a part of nature as well as the human being. Any creature has the same rights to survive and live in this world. But here the narrator sees nature as a nuisance. Indeed, he wishes that it would be changed as he wants.

Then after sometime he clapped his hands at the bird, near the door to chase it away. The line,

"When it seemed as if I could...

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