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How Does Shakespeare Show Love In Romeo And Juliet?

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How does Shakespeare show love in Romeo and Juliet

Love is a powerful human emotion which can manipulate you to do would or could regret in life. In ‘Romeo and Juliet’ , Shakespeare talks about all types of love; aggressive, friendship, unrequited and romantic love. Shakespeare shows different emotions to each type of love. By doing this it makes each type of love unique and different and also exciting as every love differs.

In the play the first type of love that is shown by Shakespeare is aggressive love. In the beginning Sampson and Gregory have a conversation about their foes and how they see women, “ Women, being the weaker vessels”. This gives out a negative attitudes through the characters to the audience as they use strong and offensive language to show that women are more defenceless and more vulnerable than men. This makes Sampson and Gregory very misogynistic but by doing this it creates a really strong dynamic in the audience as some of the audience will not agree that women are weaker and some will. By Shakespeare showing this through the characters it makes him very clever as it makes the beginning of the play very rousing. Another way that Sampson and Gregory show that women are weaker than men is by using very intense language to revel that men have more authority upon women, “ push Montagues men to the wall, and thrust his maids to the wall”. Although what Sampson and Gregory have been talking about was quite an offence towards women, they only used such aggressive words to show the love they had for their family and so will say and do anything to defend their own, “ draw thy tool: here comes…the Montagues”. This exemplifies the risks that the Capulets will take, to battle for their closest and dearest relatives and folks. By Shakespeare illustrating this type of love in such a harsh way it makes this type of love dramatic and different way. Shakespeare shows this in a very clear and understanding way.

Unrequited love is another type of love that is displayed by Shakespeare through the characters Romeo and Rosaline. Romeo’s heart was torn into pieces by Rosaline as she didn’t feel the love he felt for her, “she’ll not be hit with cupids arrow”. By Romeo using such depressing language to portray how upset and down he is shows the passion he had for Rosaline, “ sad hours seem long”. Romeo also uses oxymoron’s to describe how grieved and hurt he feels, “ I live dead”, O loving hate”. This reveals how confused Romeo feels as the unreciprocated love has made him feel shut down, “ I have a soul of lead”. Romeo uses negative words against himself to explain his emotions which points out to the audience that unrequited love is very heartbreaking and sorrowful and also that you shouldn’t love someone so instantly as it can result to disappointment. Shakespeare points out this type of love very well as he uses...

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