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How Does Shakespeare Use Language To Present King Henry Both As A Man And A King In "King Henry 5th" By Shakespeare?

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Shakespeare's play is about King Henry V based on the historical events during 1398 to 1420. It is a follow-up of Henry IV parts one and two. Shakespeare writes about Harry, Prince Hal before he had become king, and his wild drunken youth. Henry then develops to become a hero, a great ruler and leader.On the nature of Henry's character, as portrayed by Shakespeare, he is said to have changed in many ways. In act1 scene1, we see one of these changes. Previously, the King was a wild drunken youth and was not at all a religious person. Since he has been crowned king, he becomes a true lover of the church. Canterbury says,"The courses of his youth promis'd it not." Meaning he was undisciplined before, "The King is full of grace, and fair regard." He now cares for and respects the church.The King has changed a lot, as a private man back then; he was nothing more than a failure. Now as a public king, he shows the importance of God, meaning he believes in the divine rights of Kings. He is now a truly religious man; Henry considers the ideas of Canterbury to see if God is in favour, towards his plans.In act1 scene2 King Henry and all of his noblemen are in a meeting deciding whether to capture the French throne or not, the King asks for the archbishop of Canterbury's explanation as to why England should invade France. Henry is asking if God wants this to happen and says,"We pray you to proceed, and justly and religiously unfold..."Canterbury gives all the attendants convincing evidence and urges the King to proceed with the attack."Then here me, gracious sovereign, and you peers...Then doth it well appear the Salic law was not devised for the realm of France."We see here that Henry takes the close advice of Canterbury, and truly believes in his words, thinking God is demanding this and so he must listen to Canterbury. Henry is almost blinded by Canterbury's words, caring only if his actions are supported by God and of it pleases him.Henry has been influenced a lot by Canterbury as a public king. Under the church's motivation, Henry decides to proceed with the Archbishop's plans regardless of the opinion of the King's council (the Noblemen)."May I with right and conscience make this claim?" Canterbury says, "The sin upon my head dread sovereign."Henry has asked for the blessing from the church and through Canterbury, Henry has received this approval, with Canterbury himself saying he is willing to take full responsibility. This shows Henry is nothing like his old self, he really thinks seeking the Holy Churches permission is important. It seems as thou Henry is as devoted as the clergy.Another side to Henry is his cleverness in war tactics and strategy. Henry knew the border enemies (the Scots) were a threat if he was fighting in a foreign land. Henry resolves the problem with a plan,"We must not only arm t'invade the French but lay down our proportions to defend..."The shows that Henry is finally acting like a military leader as part of his army will...

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