How Does Social Media Impact Children’s Literacy Skills?

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Have you ever wondered how social media can impact child development, specially linking to literacy skills of children? Most would assume that social media does not have any benefits on toddlers, tweens and teens literacy skills. However social media plays a huge role in the development of children’s literacy skills. “The National Literacy Trust found that social networking sites and blogs help students to develop more positive attitudes toward writing and to become more confident in their writing abilities” (Canadian Pediatric Society). You might be asking yourself what exactly is social media and how does it impact children’s literacy skills. Well social media is “any website that allows social interaction is considered a social media site. This includes social networking sites such as Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter, gaming sites and virtual worlds such as The Sims, video sites such as YouTube, and blogs” (Clarke-Pearson). While the opposing side thinks social media has a negative impact on children’s literacy skills, because it declines writing skills “due to excessive usage of online chatting and shortcuts” (Alice Martin). I believe social media has a positive impact on children of all age’s literacy skills because although children may not be reading books, social media is getting their attention and it has a lot of educational as well as helpful information that can benefit them which means it is influencing education and it is very foundation. All children can benefit from social media in different ways. Social media such as Play School and Sesame Street which are both educational learning programs help with learning their alphabets are beneficial to toddlers’ literacy skills. Social media also benefits adolescents because news sites and movie sites are getting involved in messaging boards and it helps develop reading as well as writing skills when the tween or teen uses the chat room or blog. As the use of technology continues to rise on a rapid speed like it is now, the use of social media will rise too and get the attention of children more. In this paper you will learn how social media impacts toddlers, tweens, and teen’s literacy skills in a beneficial way.
How did it all start?
So how did social media begin to impact literacy skills? To solve this question one must understand where the process began and how it has evolved over the years. Although it is not exact when social media started to impact literacy skills advocates believe that social media began to impact literacy skills in the early 1970s when the first e-mail was delivered. A few years later, Bulletin Board Systems was created, which exchanged data over phone lines. Later in the early 1990s CompuServe and AOL built chat lines which helped people communicate better and faster. Not only did online chat lines begin, but video games system such as PlayStation and Nintendo were discovered, and people were able to play games online such as solitary. In the...

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