How Does Spike Lees "Jungle Fever" Adress Stereotyping. Discuss With Reference To The History Of Black Cinema.

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"Jungle Fever"LOVE SEES NO COLOR, BUT SEX DOESAfter some breakthrough hits at the Box Office, with She´s Gotta Have It, Do the Right Thing and Mo´Better Blues, a young black filmmaker made a name for himself. Spike Lee. Mainly because he was an African American director who dared to speak up for his culture, but also found a way to suit the taste of the public. Today he is considered to be the ice breaker in the 80´s for a lot of black director's success and the icon of populous black cinema. In dealing with social, racial and gender issues he always focused on controversial themes and grappled with clichés and stereotypes. On of his works, concerning these conditions, as well as its connections to early black cinema, is the subject in this paper.Jungle Fever is Spike Lee´s authentic look at the legend about sexual attraction between black and white. The film is not merely digging under the surface of stereotyping, it also deals with the ugly face of prejudice and intolerance. The audience beholds two people who tumble into a romance, and, which is at last tragically chained with the breakdown of their affair, their surrounding.Flipper, a highly graduated architect from uptown New York, obviously lives in a perfect marriage with his wife and a little daughter. A black family, that is completely functioning at the beginning of the movie. We also get to know Flippers brother Gator, who lives at the other end of the rope as a drug addicted crack-junkie and their parents. Both are as lucky with Flipper, as they are desperately in anger about Gator. Things start to run mad when Angie, an Italian-American woman living in the suburbs of the Big Apple, steps into Flippers life. Not like the rest of her family, which exists of two retarded brothers and her father, she made it quite far and was just hired as the new secretary in Flips Company. The day they collide, the heat of sensual pleasure starts to boil the safe water, they have been swimming in. The fever, as it is called by Flips best friend Cyrus, takes control of both of their lives from now on.Lee´s cinematic approach to the mysteries of the relation between the black and the white race is downright and bluntly screened. He, for example, shows that racism knows no color, as the friends of Flippers wife drew have a talk on that theme or, as the lovers have to face serious problems with a waitress in an "all black" restaurant. Furthermore, we learn how narrow minded each vested interests are and how much prejudice is among races.The little fake "fight" of Flip and Angie is a good example of Lees sentence about racism. Here, two police officers are being mistaken when they interrupt the lovers and erroneously suspect Flipper as rapist. The question now might occur, who is stereotyped in this scene. The policemen, for being racialists, or is it Flipper as a black guy who should not have white woman. For the movie, both views make sense.We also find certain...

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