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How Does The Use Of Imagery In The Stranger Enhance Your Understanding Of Mersault’s Character And Situation?

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There are many abstract ideas and imageries under the surface of Albert Camus's novel, The Stranger. Mersault is a protagonist and also the narrator of the book, and is alienated by the society because of his unique personality. Mersault does not care about the social rules and conventions. He is a direct person who does things that he wants to do and does not lie to make his life easier. Based on the literature "“ The Stranger "“ Mersault's life experience is trying to reveal that this society is often prejudiced against people who are different. His life is based upon three imageries in which led to his downfall "“ Mersault acts like an existentialist, the Sun, and his life at prison. The term existentialism "“ philosophical theory emphasizing that individuals are free to choose their actions "“ fits the description of Mersault's unusual passion for the truth and the jury's prejudice of him costs him his life. When Mersault's mother, Maman, died in a nursing home at Marengo, he asks his boss for two days off (which makes a four day weekend). Mersault thinks his boss is annoyed so he states, "It's not my fault." He shows no sad emotions that the most people expected. For example, he drank a cup of coffee and smoked a cigarette with the caretaker next to his mother's coffin. Mersault doesn't even want the caretaker to open the casket, so he can see his mother. When one of the assistants asks Mersault how old his mother was, he stated, "I don't know." Another image is when Marie "“ Mersault's co-worker and "girlfriend" "“ asked Mersault whether or not he loves her and want to marry her. He said, "It doesn't matter." These innocent gestures weigh heavily against Mersault, which will later aid in his downfall. Mersault, Raymond "“ a warehouseman "“ and Marie are invited to go to a beach to meet Masson, Raymond's friend. On the way there, Raymond sees two Arabs near the bus stop, and he knows that one of them "“ "the Arab" - is the brother of his mistress. Raymond seems worried that they will have revenge for her sister, after Raymond beaten her. They got to the beach and they meet the Arabs again and started a quarrel. "The Arab" slashed Raymond and went to get aid. Raymond and Mersault encounter "the Arab" again and Raymond takes out his revolver. But Mersault talks...

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