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How Does The Basic Physics Of Lcd Technology And Plasma Works

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Until recently people were stuck with large clumsy CRT (Cathode ray tube) devises within their everyday life, within the space of a decade after their move to television screens LCD’s (Liquid Crystal displays) and plasma screens have made CRT Displays obsolete. In this article I will explain in detail how the basic physics of LCD technology and plasma works and compare the two and decide which one is better for your needs. The wide range of applications for LCD displays are used for is impressive; they include computer monitors, televisions, instrument panels and signage. Many Consumer devices such as video players, gaming devices, clocks, watches, calculators, and mobile phones have benefited from the unique Characteristics of LCD displays. They are available in a wider range of screen sizes than CRT and plasma displays and are the most popular display technology by far. Plasma screens have some advantages over LCD screens
Modern colour LCD screens work on a similar principle to monochrome LCD screen, the main difference is the configuration of the pixels and the source of the light. One pixel on an LCD screen is made of 3 sub pixels each of which is a primary colour but each sub pixel is activated by current passing through the through an electrode and changing properties of the liquid crystal. This type of LCD screen is made up of 7 layers the first of which is a fluorescent backlight differing from the mirror on the basic LCD, this allows for the screen to appear bright and to been seen well in a dark room. The screen consists of a mirror then a layer of polarized Film, a layer of liquid Crystals sandwiched between a positive and negative electrode/glass, another layer of polarised Film set perpendicular to the other piece of polarized film and a cover glass. The negative charged electrode is one the backlight side and the positive electrode are on the image side of the liquid crystals. In front of these layers is a colour filter which has is has to have the intended colours of the sub pixels precisely printed and lined up in front of the sub pixels giving the screen its colours.
The polarised film at the front of the screen will only let in light that is of the correct orientation. The properties of the liquid Crystals when the pixel when it is not under an electric charge changes the orientation of the light so it can pass through the polarised film behind the liquid crystals, without the liquid crystals the light from the backlight would not be able to be seen this is called numeric technology. The screens have good control over how much they change the orientation of the polarized light before it passes through the second polarised film, using electrodes that can adjust the amount of electric charge passing through the liquid crystals makes this possible. This is why modern LCD Screen is able to show a lot of contrast in colour brightness while only using a single backlight for the entire screen. The pixels are activated through a matrix...

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