Why Does The Chinese Government At The Start Of The 21st Century Refuse To Give Its People Rights Despite Encouraging Private Enterprise In Industry Commerce?

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To answer this question you would have to focus why the Chinese Government refuses to give its people democratic rights. The paradox in the question is why over the last 25 years state control over the Chinese economy has been relaxed but the CCP still holds its dictatorial grip over the country. This is different where as most countries in the world economic freedom is linked to political freedom. A strong example of the tight grip the CCP has held on China over 10 years ago was the Tiananmen Square massacre under the orders of the CCP leader Deng Xiaping. This shows the strictness in the regime. Another example is the present day persecution of Falun Gong the strange religious cult. The relaxation of the Chinese economy means more Western items can be sold in China. Shanghai is now a major city in China and a great contrast to outer regions. From around 1979 Western brands manufacturing watches and calculators have been widely advertised. In Shanghai there are the modern neon lights for products such as Coca Cola to Kodak.Since 1978 China has moved away from a centrally planned economy and is becoming increasingly a free market economy. 1979 began Deng's policy of modernism and 'open door' in which foreign exports were allowed to be sold. The reason why he steered away from his Communist rules was maybe to carry on the failed dream held by his predecessor Mao Zedong in launching China far ahead of all others. He exposed China to foreign influence on a scale never seen before. He was the very first Chinese leader to visit the West. He secured the return of Hong Kong to China from Great Britain and gave approval to the goal of material self-improvement enabling his people to enjoy one of the most sustained periods of economic growth China had ever known. He recognised the need to open up to the West and to abandon the economic policies of Mao. There can be bigger reasons to why the Chinese Government has brought in so many economic changes since 1979.- The failure of the Great Leap Forward and Cultural Revolution (trying to put China ahead simply put it more behind).- The failure of traditional communist economic planning (the communist way was flawed).- The experiences of ex-communist countries of the last ten years (Russia is no longer a communist country putting pressure on the remainders to follow suit).- The success of capitalist economies in Europe, USA and Japan (all these countries are miles ahead in richness and technology and without an apposed Government).There are many facts in China that show the economy has been expanded. China is the 3rd world's largest importer of minerals. Improving railways are the most important part of transport. Telecommunications have boomed in the last 10 years. China is the 2nd largest consumer of energy in the world (coal supplies ¾ of the energy but note that China has huge hydro electrical power potential). Thanks to the change the economy continued to grow by...

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