How Does The Concentration Of Sucrose Affect The Weight

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How does the concentration of sucrose affect the weight
of pieces of potato after osmosis has taken place?


The aim of this is experiment is to investigate how much sucrose is in
a potato. We are going to investigate the effect of different
concentrations of sucrose on the weights of pieces of potato after
osmosis has taken place.


I predict that the less concentrated the solution of sucrose is, the
greater the weight of the potato will be. I predict this because
osmosis is the movement of water from a region of high water
concentration to a region of low water concentration through a
semi-permeable membrane i.e. the cell wall of the potato. If the
concentration of water inside the potato is high then the water will
pass out through the cell wall, decreasing the weight of the potato.
If the concentration of water outside of the potato is high then the
water from outside of the potato will pass through the cell wall into
the potato, thus increasing the weight of the potato. A low
concentration of sucrose will have a greater ratio of water to
sucrose, so more water will pass thorough into the potato in an
attempt to even up the amounts of water and sucrose on both sides. If
the concentration of sucrose outside of the potato is high then there
will be less water to pass through into the potato and the potato will
therefore lose water from inside in an attempt to even up the
concentrations of sucrose and water on both sides. If the cell has
lost water then it will not weigh as much as a cell full of water as
the cell will be flaccid. If the cell has gained water then it will be
turgid and will weigh more. The higher the concentration of the sugar
solution, the faster osmosis will take place. I think this because the
more sugar in the water, the longer it will take for it to balance

Some background information

Osmosis is the movement of water from an area of high concentration
(lots of water particles) to an area of low concentration (few water
particles). It is only the movement of water, as only water particles
are small enough to pass through the semi-permeable cell membrane of
the plant. Osmosis makes plants cells swell up if they are surrounded
by a weak solution i.e. a lot of water, and they therefore become
turgid. This is useful in giving support for cells and opening
stomatal guard cells. If a cell is placed in a concentrated solution
i.e. not a lot of water, then the cell will lose water in an attempt
to even up the concentrations on either side of the cell membrane. The
cell will then begin to shrivel up and become flaccid (floppy). There
is always a steady flow from the weaker solution to the stronger
solution, which is why we will leave the experiment for a few days to
make sure that all the water that will pass through has passed
thorough. The water particles also act as though they are trying to
dilute the stronger solution and therefore even up the...

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