How Does The Constitution Protect The People From Tyranny?

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“Give me liberty, or give me death.” We must diminish tyranny among our government. How did the United States accomplish this? After the Revolutionary War, the Founding Fathers decided to construct a government that was of the people, by the people, and for the people. By doing so, they needed to prevent the more than likely possibility of overbearing power falling into the hands of one or a few people, in other words a prevention of tyranny was needed (1769). This structure was stated in the Constitution, a written document that framed our American government, and so the Constitution declared four ways to prevent tyranny: Federalism, Separation of Power, Checks and Balances, and the Great ...view middle of the document...

As you can see the power is separated and held by many, preventing those in power to have more control than others.
To prevent from one branch of government having all power, and therefore having tyranny, (Madison FP # 47) Checks and Balances was added to the defenses of the constitution. There are three branches of government: Legislative Branch (Congress), Executive Branch (President), and Judicial Branch (The Courts). These three branches work together to check one another to make sure the power is evenly distributed and balanced, hence the name Checks and Balances. The way it works is that the Legislative Branch (Congress) can check the Executive Branch (President) by approving Presidential nominations, being able to override a President’s veto, and can impeach the President, him or her, from office. The Legislative Branch can check the Judicial Branch by having Senate confirm Presidential nominations and by being able to impeach judges and remove them from office. The President can check the Legislative Branch by vetoing Congressional legislation, and can check the Judicial Branch by nominating judges. The Judicial Branch can check the Legislative Branch by declaring laws unconstitutional, and can check the Executive Branch by declaring presidential acts unconstitutional. (Madison FP # 51) All three branches of government work together to make sure no branch is abusing their limited power, by using the system Checks and Balances.
However, in the Legislative Branch, (Congress) there was an issue of...

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