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How Does The Constitution Relate To Education Grand Canyon University A Lesson Plan For Middle School

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The first learning activity that I would use to help teach my high school students about the constitution would be a lesson in passing and vetoing a bill. I would have the class elect a president. I would put the rest of the classmates names into a box where I would pull names and make these students senators and representatives. The House of Representatives would draft a bill they feel should be passed. The Senate would review the bill, pass it and then send it to the president. The president would veto the bill. The class would have to discuss why they feel the bill was vetoed and what needs to be done to get it passed. Examples from the constitution would need to be stated to explain what changes need to be made and why and why the bills might have been vetoed.
The second learning activity can be a mock trial regarding a controversial issue in the news today. I would type out the roles of each participant, the defendant, plaintiff, lawyers, judges and jurors. An issue would be...

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