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How Does The Director, Pete Weir, Shape Our Response To The Issue Of Conformity Versus Individualism In The Film Dead Poets Society?

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370791XStage 1: EnglishHow does the director, Pete Weir, shape our response to the issue of conformity versus individualism in the film Dead Poets Society? Respond to the question in an essay.In the film Dead Poets Society there are two main issues that are focused upon. These two issues include the battle between whether conformity or individualism is right. We are shown the two end results of choosing both of the different approaches with your life moral. The director takes us through both the good and bad of both conformity and individualism. The school in which the movie is based around is very formal, making the battle of individualism very hard and frowned upon by most people. Throughout the movie we are shown by the director the different ways in which the school is against individualism, but we are also shown breakthroughs of individualism in both the teachers and students.The director Peter Weir clearly shows us his opinion towards the fight between individualism and conformity. He shows us how he thinks conformity may be the right path to success, but showing us sometimes you need to go off that road to chase your dreams and be happy in life, which may also result in a great deal of success. He puts a bad twist to the results of people being forced into high expectations in which they do not think they can achieve. Despite Peter showing us how we should be individuals, he also shows us how hard being an individual can be, being totally different to everybody else and having many people against your decisions.Right at the start of the movie we are given an insight at the general manner in which the school commences. The director focuses on the morals of the school; tradition, knowledge, honour and excellence. We are shown that the school conducts itself in a very formal manner in everything it does.Early on in the movie we are shown how a regular class in the school commences. The lessons show lots of conformity, lots of repetition with teachers throwing knowledge at students. This is until an outbreak of an individualistic type of teaching breaks through as Mr Keating; an English teacher tries a different more entertaining form of teaching with the students. He brought a great deal of individualism to the class. During his lessons he tried to make the students enjoy what...

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