How Does The Gap Year After High School Help Prepare For College? Eng 101/Post University Evaluative Writing

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Evaluative Writing Assignment
Brittany Henley
Post University
Evaluative Writing Assignment
The words “Gap Year” may instantly drive a student to think about personal time or a personal break. But the perfect timing for a college student to take a break or gap year is often undervalued. A gap year can help any student from any age range if the time is used wisely. It’s not about vacationing and wasting time, it’s about using that time to uplift oneself and investing that time on something useful. The whole process of a gap year is supposed to be beneficial and in this article “Your Goals, Your Life, and Your Gap Year” it explains from every aspect why.
The purpose of this article is to inform readers of the different critiques that can be involved in taking a gap year. This purpose was achieved favorably in this article. It states everything people do on their gap year, from group programs to professional internships. On different levels the group programs assert growth as a person. Professional internships helps out a lot with independence and personal commitment.
This particular article is intended for a new college student and a current college student audience. Gap years are all about taking a break during the college period in life but it’s also about making it a valuable learning experience as well. In fact one of the main points in the article states to make sure a college is at least applied for before a gap year is taken and don’t think of it as just personal time.
The thesis statement in this article...

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