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How Does The Media Affect Beauty?

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Self-objectification is when someone nitpicks a part of their body that is not something really major. So when women look at their selves in the mirror they will only see the negative attributes and not the positive ones. Majority of the media that is used is very sexist towards many women. Usually there are women who are half naked or wearing skimpy clothing to appeal to the male viewers. When we think of the media we think of perfectly young white women not someone of a different ethnicity or even someone disabled. “The crotchety old woman, the loudmouthed fat woman, and the disabled woman with a heart of gold are widespread clichés in the media. Rarely is our beauty recognized or ...view middle of the document...

In fact, an average women wears between a size 12 and 16.
A great example would be how Victoria Secret displays their models. People may have not noticed that some women have bigger wings than others when they walk down the runway. The reason they wear them is due to covering up something that the fashion designers don’t want people to see. Tyra Banks was a prime example of this. She had to wear longer sized wings because fashion designers wanted to cover as much of her behind as possible and to cover her cellulite as well. It was hard for her as it already was because she was considered a “plus sized model”. She talked about how it was to be working for Victoria Secret, and as much as she loves modeling they treated her awfully. The way modeling is viewed through someone’s perspective is extremely thin women who are really tall and can fit into a size two or four. It is really sickening to see how manipulative the fashion industry is like the models are their dolls and they can do whatever they want with them.
An article that surprised me was that it isn’t just women that suffer, men do as well. Men will refuse to admit this because they were raised to be silent and strong. They feel they have to compete with what society believes is the perfect man. A perfect man to society is having to be strong, businesslike and quiet. “Men are also given the 'perfection' blueprint. They should be strong, muscular, show no emotion. They are told constantly to "Man Up" and to "Be a Man." The size of a man's penis is constantly bought up in many a conversation between girlfriends over lunch, much like his performance in the bedroom.”(Lovejoy 1). They should only have to be viewed through their actions and not through their emotions. The worst part is that this stereotype is due to cultural beliefs more than psychological. There is a reason as to why many men don’t cry because they are built to be that way.
There are women who will objectify men because they want a man to act like what the media portrays them as. An average man in the view of media should be strong, emotionless, and have this amazing job. It isn’t easy for men when they don’t fit these standards, it just makes it harder for women to be attracted to them if they don’t have one of these characteristics. “"Be a Man" is something that is easily said, but carries a lot of weight. Slamming a man with this phrase is telling him that he has to bury his emotions and his feelings, to take life on the chin and to never show weakness.”(Lovejoy 1). At a young age, men are taught to be tough and be able to have authority over any situation no matter what. Even when men want to speak up about it society puts them down and just bashes them because they feel they have nothing to worry about.
Justin Jedlica is known across the world as the human Ken doll. He had about 149 cosmetic surgeries since he was 18 years old. His first plastic surgery was a $3500 nose job that his family did not support at all....

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