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How Does The Occupation Of A Personal Trainer, Within The Emerging Fitness Industry, Illustrate The Process By Which Hobbies Evolve Into Jobs?

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Project Focus:The way in which personal hobbies evolve to enter the sphere of work, as an occupation, presents an interesting sociological research question. The project focus will be on the fitness industry, particularly concentrating on personal trainers, and the process by which one’s personal interest in fitness and health develops to become a legitimate career aspiration.How does the occupation of a personal trainer, within the emerging fitness industry, illustrate the process by which hobbies evolve into jobs?Literature Review:•D. Matza, Delinquency and Drift. (1964)The theory of delinquent drift offered by Matza resonates with our research focus by the way in which a sequence of events develops to eventually lead one to plausible outcomes and conclusions with respect to their life path.Through this research, we aim to illustrate the applicability of this concept to the process whereby individuals interested in fitness and health progressively drift through a series of stages until the motivation to become a personal trainer becomes plausible.•H. Becker, Outsiders: Studies in the Sociology of Deviance. (1963)Becker illustrates concepts similar to Matza’s theory of drift, with his reference to deviant occupations and behaviour. He defines these ‘deviant’ activities as being something the mainstream perceive to be ‘sufficiently bizarre and unconventional for them to be labelled outsiders’ (1963:79). Becker argues how ‘deviant’ activities must first become normalised in an individual’s social world before the motive for continuing such activities develops. Furthermore, a process of self-labelling occurs before an organised deviant group is ultimately formed.Becker’s ideas can be related to the process by which the decision to become a personal trainer becomes plausible as, in many circles personal training is considered an alternative profession.•S. Murphy, D. Waldorf, & C. Reinarman,‘Drifting into Dealing: Becoming a Cocaine Seller’. (1990)Murphy, Waldorth and Reinarman apply the concepts of drift explored...

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