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How Does The Poem "The Door" By Miroslav Holub Effectively Contribute To Your Understanding Of The Concepts Of Change? (Give Specific Examples Of Techniques Eg. Symbolism)

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The poem "The Door" demonstrates to us that change in self involves taking chances and the positive consequences of change. Holub expresses change as an individual's commitment to embrace new opportunities presented to them, leading to a new perspective of life. The door, being the central metaphor of the poem, represents a barrier, which holds us back from instigating a change. It is a gateway to new opportunities if the individual decides to take the initiative. The poet uses repetition of the phrase "go and open the door" as the opening line of each stanza to create a emphatic tone that implores the reader to take a chance, to leave their comfort zone and take on the outside world. The italic word "maybe" shows the uncertainty and unpredictability of the consequences after the person had gone and opened the door. "A tree, or a wood, a garden, or a magic city", these images open our minds to change and start to make us think to ourselves about what is really out there in this "magic city" of ours. This subtle use of cumulation also demonstrates the varying levels of reward of change, from a lone "tree" to a benign "wood", from a beautiful "garden" to something grand like a "magic city". This process continues even to the unpleasant sight of "a dog's rummaging" in search and curiosity through the fixed gaze of "an eye" to "the picture, of a picture" where one learns more about themselves and gains a new perception, which in essence results in a change in...

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