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The Poker Party is a pivotal point in the play as it reveals more of each of the characters, and includes the introduction of Steve, Pablo and Mitch. Both Steve and Pablo play passive roles in the play being merely 'the poker players' and have no deep involvement in the story. Mitch however, is introduced to be very different to the other men, being much more sensitive, emphasized by being the only man not to have a wife but instead a sick mother who he constantly cares for. Although Stanley is in control of the group Mitch seems weary of his superior and degrading attitude, as shown by his ignorance of Stanley's orders such as continuing to stand up after being yelled at by Stanley to sit down, and talking to Blanche even though Stanley has been shouting to him to return. Mitch reacts to Blanche with curiosity, his concentration drifts from the conversation and the game to the gap in the portiéres. When he has the conversation with Blanche he is oblivious to her lies and fake role and accepts them as Blanche intends him to. After the 'lunacy' with Stanley and Stella, Mitch and Blanche talk again and Mitch reassures her that everything is okay and as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened because he is used to this happening.All the characters have been drinking in this scene though the only two who seem to be affected by the alcohol are Stanley and Blanche. Stanley is introduced here as being in control of the men and they all look up to and respect him. In this scene however Stanley is shown with a derogatory and even a slightly rancorous attitude towards the others on account of having been drinking and losing at the card game. In particular Stanley is vindictive towards Mitch due to both Mitch winning the game and his new interest in Blanche. He puts Mitch down for being sensitive as he sees it as a childish attribute as shown by dismissing Mitch's pleads of understanding how he feels lonely as Stanley says 'we'll fix you a sugar-tit'. Stanley's drunken state also results in his easily irritated and impatient attitude. When the Stella and Blanche enter he is impertinent to Blanche after she says 'Please don't get up' he retorts with 'Nobody's going to get up, so don't be worried.' Stanley, as from when he first met Blanche, is suspicious and unwelcoming to her which is partially why he is upset with Mitch for being so interested in her. He is protective of Mitch and doesn't want him to get involved with Blanche. Throughout Mitch's conversation with Blanche, Stanley is shouting for Mitch to return to the game with increasing anger. Blanche turning the radio on also reveals Stanley as being easily irritated and when she turns it on after her conversation with Mitch, which itself was building Stanley's frustration, was the final straw as he throws the radio out of the window in a fit of anger. This leads to show another characteristic of Stanley, he easily resorts to violence. As Blanche acutely describes, 'lunacy' follows as Stanley...

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