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How Does The Quality Of Water Affect Human Health?

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Many people often wonder if drinking faucet or even spring water is safe and sanitary for their bodies. Many people feel as if their drinking water becomes contaminated and polluted because the water comes from foreign places. It is imperative people study their drinking water to ensure we are putting fresh water into our bodies. If we put polluted and unsafe water into our bodies, we run the risk of illness and other things we try to avoid. Some topics that will be covered in this research paper will consist of polluted water, our digestive system, faucet water and spring water. These topics are important as background information because these are the main sources for water and ones digestive system can make the determination whether or not the water is polluted.
Obviously, water and history go along way back. Water was found as soon as the earth came about; however, we did not start seriously studying the elements and properties of water until the early 1700’s. Henry Cavendish was the man who proved that oxygen and hydrogen were the two main components of water. First, Henry Cavendish discovered the property of hydrogen. Secondly, Henry Cavendish discovered that oxygen and hydrogen create water. The history of this is very important to an experiment because when people test to see what chemicals are in the water, one would need to ensure that the water only consists of hydrogen and oxygen. If one were to find another foreign chemical, they would know that the water is dirty and not sanitary to drink.
Knowing the structure and what water mainly consists of is very important. The main chemical term to describe water is H20. Firstly, in order to make water one will need two hydrogen atoms and only one oxygen atom. This creates a bonded seal giving the water its liquid state. Secondly, one will repeat the process until their requirements are met up. If foreign chemicals are found, one has their dirty water. Even if the water looks clear, any other little particle could destroy ones immune system. When one looks at clean water versus dirty water, that person would know that one could cause serious illness or death, and one could help prevent that. For clean water, two components of hydrogen and one...

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