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How far does the site of Sandal Castle and other sources help you to understand the way in which Castles changed and developed over time?Castles were built in Britain for a number of reasons. One of them was so kings and other members of royalty could stay there whilst they travelled around the country. Another reason is that castles were good because they were an established base in times of war. For example, King Richard III used Sandal Castle as a base in the War of the Roses. Earls, Soldiers and many others also used them. As the population of the area grew, the castle became part of the community. For example it was allowed to hold two fairs so castles were also needed for this. Over time castles changed appearance significantly. Some had dramatic changes like motte and bailey castles, some were built out of wood and as they became more important they were built out of stone. However, others made small changes that could improve the castles defence. Like a polygon tower which would have been a circle originally but was re-shaped for defence. The third Earl Warenne built sandal castle in 1138. It all began in 1067 and 1069 as people rebelled against the new king. He believed that his people needed teaching a lesson. William the conqueror wanted to reward the people of Yorkshire who helped him in the Battle of Hastings. In 1086, the king asked the people of Yorkshire to record what was left and write it in the Domesday Book. William of Warenne was given parts of Wakefield and when he died; his son became the second Earl. The first castle was built in 1100 at Lowe Hill, when Wakefield was allowed to hold it two fairs. However, it was the third Earl of Warenne who built Sandal Castle. It will be very hard to use the site as a source of evidence as parts of the castle have been destroyed by parliament and parts were just left to decline over the years and it is now a ruin.Layout of Sandal CastleKeyMotteOuter MoatKeepInner MoatBaileyCurtain WallPrivy ChamberGreat ChamberGreat HallLodging ChamberLarderKitchenBakehouse and BrewhouseConstable's LodgingBarbicanGatehouseThe inner strength hold of Sandal Castle was the motte (1). It was an artificial mound, which was built from shale an earth. In the twelfth centaury when the castle was first built a timber tower stood in the middle of the motte for things such as defence and it is probably where the Earls stayed when they were there. Nowadays all traces of this tower cannot be found as it was possibly wiped out when the castle was rebuilt in stone. In addition, it later became the Stone Keep (3).The stone keep was probably built during the thirteenth century. The stone keep was circular with four towers with a staircase rising from the drum towers in the inner moat (4).In the bailey (5), there would have been the hall and lodgings etc.The stone curtain wall (6) was built around the bailey. The main domestic buildings were built at a later stage and were pushed up against the bailey...

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