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How Does We Solve World Peace?

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Often people wish for world peace, but how often does this wish get granted? Who is willing to answer such a wish? Today the U.N. and political leaders are finding way to secure this wish so that someday we will live in a world that doesn't have war and violence. Others though are studying a much more abstract way of looking at the world that if done by every individual, would create a paradigm shift in the interpretation of the world, the universe, and peace. I believe in taking a realistic approach to most everything, but sometimes people can’t limit themselves to selfless outlooks and complete fairness, which leaves me with what I believe to be the last option: an alternative perspective on life.
The United Nations is one of the most important peacekeeping organizations today. The military is the most significant part of the U.N.'s peacekeeping simply because a military is necessary in war. It could be assumed that the continuation of the U.N.'s efforts would lead to fewer wars, and more peaceful nations (“United Nations”).
Director of the Lloyd International Honors College and a professor of political science at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, Jerry Pubantz positively reports on human rights efforts by the United Nations in his article “Construction Reason: Human Rights and the Democratization of the United Nations.” Pubantz reviews the history of the U.N. and what it has done to improve human rights. He acknowledges that the U.N. has done a great job of supporting human rights internationally. Pubantz links the graduating involvement of human rights in U.N. actions as a paradigm shift in peacekeeping and states that human rights are necessary when keeping peace within or between states because human rights are generally the cause of conflict.
Two hundred years ago, African American encyclopedia writer and inventor, named Benjamin Banneker proposed a department of government for making and keeping peace. The peace activist and director of the Third Life Center in Oakland, CA, Rose Lucey, wrote about what might have happened if his proposal became a part of government. Banneker's idea is similar to the U.N.'s concept of peacekeeping, except focused specifically on the United States. The description of the department is vague, but what Lucey seems to be implying is that if a similar department existed today, then the U.S. would have fewer intra- and inter-state problems.
In 2007, former mayor of New York City Rudolph Giuliani wrote “Toward a Realistic Peace” in the New York Times describing a hopeful agenda for ensuring peace within the United States, and with any other state or power group. His logic lies in the balance of realistic and idealistic peace, meaning finding a median in which peace is sensible but also preserving American ideals and goals. Three examples of action he uses are vacating Iraq, preparing a national missile defense system, and strengthening international relations and diplomacy. Giuliani's...

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