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How Dreams Lead To Success Essay

788 words - 3 pages

"How Dreams Lead to Success"777 wordsWhen you were a young kid in school, do you remember taking a review before a test and your teacher saying something along the lines of, "Pay attention now, because this will be on the test"? Well, I do. This was said by the teachers who wanted to encourage their students, the ones who wanted to see them succeed. They might have put us to the test, but they also set us up for success. It's the same way with dreams. If you put your dreams to the test, you can succeed at them. A fairly known woman once said, "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams." This woman was Eleanor Roosevelt, wife of 32nd President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Her words might seem like nothing more than just that - plain, simple words. But those words have wisdom behind them, and they can empower someone to want to continue their dreams, to not give up on them and to make them happen. They might not give an "I Have A Dream" speech like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., who eventually did have his dreams come true. But they can definitely try to accomplish them. And by accomplishing them you can guarantee that in any hardship you may encounter in life it is possible to dream a dream. You can make that dream no longer a funny, little thought inside of your head, but now a real thing.A great example of a dream successor is the memorable Dick Clark, also known as "the world's oldest teenager." He started working in the mail room of a radio station that his father managed, but he dreamed of having his own radio show. While he was still in high school he began filling in for different on-air personalities. Then it was on to Syracuse University, where he would study advertising and radio. After Syracuse, he worked at a few small radio and television stations before heading to Philadelphia for a radio job. And when the regular host of that show left, Clark took over and renamed it to the well-known "American Bandstand." Clark did all of this because he understood that dreaming alone wasn't enough. Dick Clark was living his dream, but only because he understood dreaming alone wasn't enough. He realized it would...

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How Dreams Lead to Success Essay

809 words - 4 pages Everyone who lives in the twenty-first century will have success if they believe in their dreams. Everyone has a dream, whether their dream is something for the betterment him or herself or the entire world. All dreams can result in success; if people have the courage to believe in their abilities. If people work hard to believe to follow their ambition, and if we as a community will help our neighbours accomplish their dreams. The dreams of

How dreams lead to success Essay

751 words - 4 pages “Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.” - Harriet Tubman. This quote by Harriet Tubman has great meaning and power. If a person has will power, patience, and creativity to pursue something that would lead them to success, all that person really needs is a plan or a dream. You must be curious what is considered to be

How Dreams Lead to Success

668 words - 3 pages , “If you want to accomplish the goals of your life, you have to begin with the spirit.” The practice and effort that leads to success and happiness over the long run is fueled by intrinsic desire, not hard-driving parents or social expectations. Basically, dreams can present creative desires in impossibly wonderful ways. Dreams are the concept. One must be absolutely feel entitled to success in order for it to happen, no matter what success is to

“How Dreams Lead to Success”

713 words - 3 pages dreamed of. Since the definition of both success and of a dream are nebulous statements, the possibilities of a dream equalling success are endless. As I already mentioned dreams are also important because they attract other people. Most of the time it is very hard to become successful, in any sense of the word, without the help or support of other people. If someone has an inspirational idea it inspires others to help them succeed. There are many

How Dreams Lead to Success

725 words - 3 pages as well as creating more room for diversity on television with shows such as Sleepy Hollow and Scandal, all with a very diverse cast. What might have been deemed as impossible has now become probable. All because one man professed his dream to the world and people listened. Overall, it is almost impossible to argue that dreams are useless. Time has proven countless times that dreams are a necessary part of our society’s success. It is

How do Dreams Lead to Success

851 words - 4 pages . . "How to Achieve Your Dreams: Developing the Qualities That Lead to Success and Happiness." How to Achieve Your Dreams: Qualities That Lead to Success. N.p., n.d. Web. 18 Jan. 2014. . "Think Villa." Think Villa. N.p., n.d. Web. 18 Jan. 2014. .

Follow Your Dreams, Lead Yourself to Success

755 words - 3 pages . Neither the follower nor the leader is in a static position; they must transition between these roles. Remember this as you go out into the business world. Think in broad terms, work to inspire others, maintain an active desire to learn, embrace teamwork, keep your ears open, and be positive. Follow your dreams, and you will lead yourself to success.

How success can lead to personal failure

813 words - 3 pages Success and DisasterSuccess is considered to be a positive accomplishment. However, success can often lead to personal failure. The more successful some people are, the closer they lead themselves to disaster because he or she is human, and all humans make mistakes even if they are tiny or large. Success can lead to misery and isolation by taking away some things people love in life. Successful people's decision making and judgment can also be

How dreams become success

730 words - 3 pages At the end of the everyday we go to bed. In this period of time we are allowed to dream our wildest dreams, realistic or fantasy. A time to imagine and create new standards for society, or just your everyday life. In any case they require the effort to become that standard. It requires this effort because success has never happened overnight but the process can begin overnight. Whether you put the plan for your dreams into action with passion

Lies do not lead to Success

1241 words - 5 pages how Willy’s portrayal of himself to be extremely well liked, especially at his job, was proven to be wrong and deceitful. Willy’s long-term goal of achieving financial success as a part of the American Dream can be seen as a flaw that drags him down to the ground. He spends most of his life trying to make money at work and is just unable to do it no matter how hard he tries. He drives hundreds of miles each week to work, and makes hardly any

Stonecutting Lead to Success for John Baskerville

910 words - 4 pages brilliant in picking the Bull Ring as the location because it is Birmingham’s historic market centre, which brought its reputation as “The City of a Thousand Trades.” This helped him continue teaching bookkeeping and continue his work as a stonecutter, and later lead to his success. Even though his desire to continue working with his passion on lettering, he also had a desire to obtain money. By doing so, he set himself on the path of learning the

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How Dreams Lead To Success Essay 778 Words

778 words - 4 pages How do dreams lead to success? I question this as I sit here in front of my laptop screen. But how does one measure success? To many people, they measure success on how rich or powerful they can possibly achieve to be. But, I believe success is a lot more than money or obtaining a certain level of a career. When will people start to measure success by happiness? A famous quote by the philosopher, Albert Schweitzer, “Success is not the key

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1020 words - 5 pages create an enormous passion and commitment. All of the examples of success that history presents to us lead to the conclusion that the aspirations of any young person, with the right amount of effort, can be realized. Many of the dreams we have seem unachievable, but so did those of many who became successful. The human mind is extremely complex, and within the mind, you can conceive almost anything, and plan how to do so outside of the mind

How Dreams Lead To Success Essay 788 Words

788 words - 3 pages "How Dreams Lead to Success"777 wordsWhen you were a young kid in school, do you remember taking a review before a test and your teacher saying something along the lines of, "Pay attention now, because this will be on the test"? Well, I do. This was said by the teachers who wanted to encourage their students, the ones who wanted to see them succeed. They might have put us to the test, but they also set us up for success. It's the same way with

How Dreams Lead To Success Essay 785 Words

785 words - 4 pages Dreams in themselves do not lead to success. The most successful entrepreneurs, politicians, scientists--they not only dreamed; they persisted. They struggled against short-sighted men, and they lost, not only once, but perhaps for all their lives. They fought, they lost, and they suffered. But they triumphed.They left their legacies to the future; their visions became our reality. Everything we see or know, everything, originated from a mind of