How Drones Affect Personal And Commercial Activities

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From the birth of commercial airplanes to the present day the Federal Aviation Administration has handled the regulations of America’s skies in order to ensure the safety of the general population. The FAA has been successful in doing its job until the introduction of personals drones inspired by the Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) used in the military in 2013. Since drones have much more capabilities than a regular hobby aircraft, the FAA has been given until 2015 to integrate drones into civilian airspace. This statement presents a large problem before the civilians in how the drones with affect their personal and commercial activities. In this case, however, the positive attributes overweight the negative ones because drones are more beneficial to a community than any other form of technology today.
Drones or UAVs are aircraft that are either controlled by pilots from the ground or autonomously by a pre-programmed flight pattern. Currently, used primarily by hobbyists to record some of the world’s wonders they pose no threat to the general population, but when used for commercial purposes the FAA requires that regulations are to be imposed upon them based upon how airspace is divided into sections. Airspace is divided into six sections: Class A, B, C, D, E and G. Classes B, C, and D range from 0 to 10,000 feet and are located around airports. Aircraft operating in this area are required by the FAA to be equipped with two-way communications for traffic control purposes. Even though some drones have a high level of autonomy, they will still be required to land and take off under Air Traffic Control (ATC) supervision to prevent putting the other jet airliners in danger. Class A ranges from 18,000 to 60,000 feet and is used by the military and general airliners. In order for drones to operate at this height they must be equipped with transponders that provide locations and altitude to air traffic radars. In addition, the unmanned aircraft will need sensors that enable it to detect and avoid other aircraft autonomously. Class G which ranges from ground level to 1,200 feet where the most potential for drones lies. The FAA predicts that within the next few years more than 7500 small commercial drones will be operating at these altitudes. Currently, radio-control aircraft are only allowed to fly in sight of its owner and under 400 feet. However, newer generations of drones are able to fly higher and follow GPS waypoints beyond the controller’s range. This presents a problem to the FAA about midair collisions with these newer drones. So it is expected that the FAA with limit commercial flights to daytime hours, keep them from helipads, and require an operator’s license according to Popular Mechanics. Finally, Class E is all undefined airspace below 18,000 and everything above 60,000 feet.
When Amazon announced in December that it planned to deliver packages by drone, news indicated that the plan would have to get FAA approval, even though the drones...

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