How Drugs Affect A Family Essay

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Drug abuse is devastating to a family. When a parent uses drugs if affects the whole family. If a person uses drugs it affects their partner and children. Children using drugs also affect the whole family. Common characteristics of parents or children who abuse drugs are negativism, parental inconsistency miscarried expression of anger, self-medication, and unrealistic parental expectations. The effects depends on whether the drug abuser lives with a partner and with or without kids. Using drugs also can complicate pregnancy. Drugs can kill, but someone can get help before that happens.
Parents affect the whole family with their drug problem. It has many negative effects on the family members. The person with the drug problem can be compared to someone stuck in a bog. Other family members, in their efforts to help, can be pulled down in the bog too ( To help the person you must first get them on solid ground. Once they do that then they can help themselves and their family.
A person's drug can also affect their partner. Their relationship can be full of conflict and blame. They can find it hard to choose between their drugs or their partner. They could also think that they aren't good enough for their partner. The partner also has it difficult. They take on new responsibilities and have feelings of failure. This hurts the relationship and can potentially end it for them.
A parent's drug problem affects their children in mainly negative ways. Then children take up new roles that make them neglect their own needs. An example of a role is becoming a parent model for a younger sibling. Their parent’s drug problem makes a child blame themselves and have low self-esteem. There is also an increased chance for a person to get into trouble more often, and it be more serious.
A child with a drug problem can also affect his/her whole family. Parents fall out with each other over how to handle the situation, while other sons or daughters can get blamed for being a bad example. The drug user gets so much attention that others are neglected ( It is important for the parent to take time for themselves, even if they are the only one who recolonizes the drug problem. They must also still have time for the other children so that they don't get neglected.
In families with drug abusers there are many characteristic patterns of interaction. One of those is negativism. Much of the communication between family members is negative, taking the form of complaints, criticism, and other expressions of displeasure ( The mood of the whole house is negative and one of the only ways to get attention is to start some sort of drama. The large amount of negativism might serve to reinforce the drug abuse. This could be the reason that the person in the first place started drugs. To solve this the family should take time and sort out their differences and stop the negativism, and instead have positivism.
Another characteristic...

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