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How Edgar Allan Poe’s Life Affected His Writing

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Any piece of work has an reason behind it. It may be a story told before or an event that has happened in real life. It also can be the theme behind the story. For Edgar Allen Poe it was the themes and the events of his life that inspired his stories and poems. Poe was inspired by the deaths he faced throughout his life and the hardships with money he had faced.
Poe was born in January of 1809 in Boston. His parents were both gone by the time he was three. His father abandoned the family and his mother died in front of him. He was then fostered by the Allans. While there the Allans moved around a lot. They even moved to Europe at one point. After rent couldn’t be paid the Allans moved ...view middle of the document...

After getting court martialled, Poe moved around a lot. This was the time he wrote the numerous poems. One of which was “To Helan”. Eventually he settled in Baltimore with is Aunt Maria and her daughter Virginia. At this point Poe was as poor as ever, so he wrote as much as possible to get the money to stay alive. Poe got a job with the Southern Literary Messenger, which was a huge deal for Poe. Around this time Poe started to fall in love with his cousin, Virginia. They were soon wed even though Virginia was only 13. Soon after, Poe moved his aunt and his new wife to Richmond.
Poe went on to freelance for a while after getting married. He hoped from newspaper to magazines and back again. He eventually landed with Graham's Magazine. While with Graham’s, Poe got to an $800 annual salary and his popularity grew a lot. Poe, however, became upset with the magazine and its tone. Around this time Virginia started showing the signs of tuberculosis.
After some time, Poe left Graham’s and started to go back to freelance writing. This caused Poe’s income to go down significantly. Poe began to move around again and at the same time Virginia became sicker and sicker. In 1847 Virginia died. This caused Poe to start drinking heavily. He then went on freelance writing and trying to find love again.
While trying to find love again, Poe meet with many women trying to gain the love of their heart. He started talking to a women Helen. Soon after, Poe proposed and Helen told Poe she needed time to think about what he had proposed. He became very sad by this and he attempted suicide, but it failed. Poe then went back to Helen and she said yes on one condition. That condition was that he stop drinking. He then came to her house drunk and she broke off the engagement.
Poe had now gotten to his darkest stage of life. He became more drunk. Also, his writing career started to slip away. In a last ditch effort, Poe went to New York to settle affairs. He was seen in a bar less than a week later in Baltimore. He was pronounced dead soon after from alcohol poisoning.
Poe had to deal with tragedy throughout his whole life. This is reflected through his works. He dealt with death. He dealt with feeling pressure. Poe just didn’t write about what his life had done to him but he also knew what the people wanted to read.
Poe lived with and lost a lot of beautiful women throughout his life. One of the short stories that Poe describes some of his feelings about women is “Ligeia”. In this short stories the narrator loses...

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