How Effective Is Modern Security? Essay

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We are monitored in almost every public place we go by security systems and officers. Security such as these are used in important places such as banks and political buildings, but it’s also used in places where it is less of a necessity like malls or everyday businesses. There is always someone or something monitoring us, but is the security we see every day actually effective?
Security officers are expected to be the top of the line when it comes to protection. They should be adequately trained and be mentally competent enough to be able to protect the public. "Private security officers who guard the head quarters of the national archives are not properly trained to respond to threats to ...view middle of the document...

During long stretches with no activity, inattentiveness and boredom become a detriment to the officers mental acuity. While on guard, the security officer was playing music loudly and waiting for his shift to be over so he could hurry up and get home which caused him to miss the sound of two thieves breaking the floor in another room.(Amiel 1999) When guards are bored they aren't going to be waiting for something to happen. They are going to be trying to find a way to entertain themselves or keep themselves busy by working on projects not related to their security position which causes them to be oblivious to all of their other surroundings. "The guard struggled through his paperwork, oblivious to the television monitors." (Dolnick 6) Some might also be engrossed in work for other areas of their lives such as school like the guard in the book The Rescue Artist was.
Security is most effective when constantly updated, practiced, reevaluated and updated again. Many facilities such as schools or businesses have security cameras but they are often unmonitored or in disrepair. Large amounts of money are invested to install the latest technology but the human element is often neglected or overlooked. They are just used to scare the would-be perpetrators into thinking they are being watched. But if you're serious about what you're doing as a thief or perpetrator then you're going to "do your research" and know that there is a high probability that the security cameras are unmonitored or inoperable. Another example of unused security is the protection on the school network. There are firewalls in place to stop hormonal children from doing things they aren't supposed to do on the web and it is also there to block the tech savvy kids from gaining access to altering the school's network. It sounds like a good idea, but the reality is that...

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