How Effective Was Henry Vii 1485 1509? Essay

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Henry Tudor became king in 1485 following the death of Richard III at the Battle of Bosworth on the 22nd August 1485, resulting in Richard III becoming deceased. Henry established himself as king of England and his accession was on the 30th October 1485, his ambition was to establish the Tudor dynasty. Henry faced various threats to his throne, due to the fact his claim to the throne was weak as he usurped Richard – leading to Yorkists’ threats like Lambert Simmel and Perkin Warbeck. He managed nobility successfully and lead to having a successful financial policy. His foreign policy was weak, as Scotland and France managed to build an alliance. Overall, Henry remained on the throne for 23 years and it portrayed Henry as being incredibly effective.

Firstly, Henry Tudor after his usurpation of Richard faced many challenges to the throne, especially occurring from the year 1485-1495 where the Yorkists’ proved to be a threat to Henry. Lambert Simmel proved to be a threat, he posed a challenge as he pretended to be Earl of Warwick in 1486/87, he managed to gain support from Margaret of Burgundy whom had a 2000 mercenaries’. In addition, Simmel gained support from John De La Pole as Simmel managed to conjure up a large army, who fought at the Battle of Stoke, where De La Pole died. This is effective as it showed Henry had a problem from the Yorkists’ as they were attempting to overthrown Henry; however, ot shows that Henry was intelligent as managed the situation efficiently. Henry managed to eliminate the Yorkist threat in one battle as he eradicated De La Pole and Lovell. My overall opinion view of this is that Henry managed the situation competently and lead to the death of key Yorkist figureheads. Overall, Henry was effective in these terms as he could identify the Yorkist threats and showed he would battle to prove himself as an effective king.

Perkin Warbeck is another Yorkist pretender as acted as Richard, he again had support from Margaret of Burgundy with the Anglo Flemish embargo. This was more of a threat; however, again Henry managed the situation well, he signed a treaty with France in 1492, the treaty of Etaples and signed a treaty with Scotland in 1497 – treaty of Ayton. This would have been more of a threat if it had been coincided with the Cornish rebellion. Warbeck surrendered in October and was executed in 1499. Overall, this proved Henry’s effectiveness when it came to handling situation as hr managed to eradicate the Yorkists threat and showed his ruthlessness as a king.

The relationship with nobility was crucial for a king, nobility was a form of finance to any king and therefore Henry knew it was fundamental to ensure he managed nobility and showed his intention with them. During Henry’s reign he didn’t face to many rebellions, as it showed the nobilities as being weak as they didn’t have a strong enough claim to the throne. Henry did reduce the number of aristocratic influence, perhaps Henry knew nobles were...

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