How Effective Was The Articles Of Confederation And Did The Constituion Solve These Problems

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The Articles of Confederation were written in 1776 and finally ratified in 1777, after independence from Great Britain had been declared and while the American Revolution was still in progress. The colonists set out to create a new nation free of the rule of a strong central government. Many identified themselves as citizens of their state or colony, and not as colonies or nations as a whole. State rights became an important factor in the new government. The Articles of Confederation brought the colonies together as a loose confederation with states right being more important than the power of the federal government. The purpose of the articles was to establish a union between several states, including the establishment of a central government. Unfortunately, there were many downfalls to the Articles.First, in order for any measure to be passed by Congress, approval was required by nine of the thirteen states. Congress was very limited in its powers. They did not have the power to levy taxes or tariffs. An inability to raise money from taxes often left a chronic shortage in the military supples. Congress had the power to pass laws, but could not force the colones to comply. Therefore, the government was forced to depend on the colonies to abide on there own. This was often very difficult since many times the original states refused to cooperate. The Articles were also virtually impossible to amend, so problems could not be fixed unless all of the states agreed. Other weakness of that the Articles of Confederation encountered were the fact that the enforcement of federal laws and treaties were left to the states. Also, the federal government was not given the sole power to coin money. That right belonged to each individual state. As time passed, it was obvious that changes would need to be made. A group of delegates drew up a new document known as the U.S. Constitution. In order for this new document to be accepted, the founding fathers now needed nine of the thirteen states to vote in favor . On June 21, 1788, New...

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From 1781 to 1789 the Articles of Confederation provided the United States with an effective government.

542 words - 2 pages DBQFrom 1781 to 1785 the Articles of Confederation provided the United States with an effective government. The main goal of the Articles was to allot as much independence as possible to the states compared to the idea of a central government for fear of conflict with Britain. Despite the many advantages of its systematic rule it did not provide enough power to the Congress in order for them to adequately control commerce, land expansion and

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870 words - 3 pages Continental Congress, renamed the Confederation Congress after the Articles of Confederation were ratified, was not an ineffectual body. It led the United States through a war against Great Britain, gained independence, negotiated the Treaty of Paris, and set up an unprecedented system of government. Ultimately, however, this government did not solve many of the new nation’s problems. The ruling document of this Congress, the Articles of Confederation

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1242 words - 5 pages less power than before, they were unified under a single system of government. The new Constitution provided solutions to problems that were prevalent under the old Articles of Confederation and citizens of states also had adequate protection of their rights and liberties regardless of what state they were from.Though the Constitution provides a better system of government than the Articles of Confederation did, there are still clashes between

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712 words - 3 pages positive results.It is quite easy to see why the Articles of Confederation were never truly successful. Not only did it give far too much power to the individual states rather than the government, thus making them seem like small countries, but it also showed other countries and lands how weak America had become upon gaining their freedom. No one in America knew how to rule a country, so it appears that the Articles of Confederation was almost a practice run. The men of Congress finally showed the intelligence they did truly have when they got rid of the articles entirely and instead created something new -- the Constitution.

"From 1781 to1789 the Articles of Confederation provided the United States with an effective government." Using the documents and your knowledge of the period, evaluate this statement."

954 words - 4 pages heavily populated. Also, the United States did not financially thrive between the years of 1781-1789. By 1789, citizens of the United States started to become weary because of the weak central government. The United States was unable to flourish and to unite under the Articles of Confederation. With the Articles of Confederation, there was a weak, and sometimes absent centralized army. This caused the British to remain on the United

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The Articles of Confederation

1000 words - 4 pages created. This fledgling government, proposed in 1777, was doomed to never take flight, being replaced in 1789, when the Constitution was effected under Washington. This raises the question: Why did the United States discard The Articles of Confederation for the Constitution? Ultimately, the Articles were simply a weak form of government. However, economic issues, difficulty of ratification and passing bills, and weak international weight clipped

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1064 words - 4 pages concerns about the Articles of Confederation to a letter to James Madison. He starts off by saying how severe the incident was. "No morn ever dawned more favourably than ours did; and no day was ever more clouded than the present." He adds, "...we have been seven years raising at the expense of so much blood and treasure, must fall. We are fast verging to anarchy and confusion." He expresses his concern that after only seven years of the first

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901 words - 4 pages The Articles of Confederation The colonists were living in a brand new country that had no track record. Considering that the articles of confederation had no precedent to follow, and no other government to imitate; the articles were fairly good. However, the Articles of Confederation could have been more effective than they were. Effective does not necessarily mean that the government was strong. It does mean that the government was able to

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