How Employee Evaluations Affect Performance Essay

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Based on our findings, performance appraisal is able to provide employees with feedback about their performance. XX Therefore, the supervisors should evaluate their employees because through performance appraisal evaluation, the supervisor is able to measure their employees’ level of performance and able to provide them feedback for further improvement on their weaknesses because supervisor is more experience on the daily process compare to the employees. For example, through performance appraisal, the supervisor is able to know and point out the weaknesses of the employees as well as giving them a chance to improve their weakness.
Moreover, the position of supervisor is higher than the employees therefore he or she has the authority that empower by the top management to evaluate the employees’ performance. Supervisor is also known as first-line manager who led, monitors, and regulate the employees’ performance, attitudes, strength and weaknesses in their departments. Thus, if the employees are not able to perform well in that department, the supervisor can evaluate them and determine their strength so that the supervisor can knows which job is suitable for the employees and transfer them to that department.
In addition, the supervisor also has the responsibility to provide aims and specific targets that should be achieved by the employees within the time frame because supervisor is a leader among all the employees in the department. So if the employee cannot complete their job responsibility that set by the supervisor on time, the supervisor can record down and evaluate their works capabilities. For example, supervisor has the responsible to provide clearly path and direction for the employees and this can helps them to have better understanding about their job responsibilities and requirements. If they can’t achieve the target set by the supervisor, they might get penalty such as no commission given for the month and not promotable to further positions.
On the other hands, supervisor should evaluate the employees more than the employees evaluate them because after the performance evaluation, the supervisor is able to know which employees is on the stages of low-performance and send them to off-job training so that they can improve themselves in the workplace. For example, if the employee is lack of leadership skill, the supervisor may send them to leadership program for their further improvement.

Furthermore, one of the potential evaluators of employee’s performance is supervisor or committee of supervisor can evaluate their employees together. This can help to offset the bias and maintain the consistency for criteria of evaluation. A group of supervisor can evaluate the employees with having discussion and meeting so that the useful feedback can be provided to the employees. It also can help in promote the communication between employees and supervisor about the employee’s...

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