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How Environmnent Affect Preschooler's Ability To Learn

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5. Q: How does the environment affect a preschooler’s ability to learn, their behavior, and their actions?
A: I am a firm believer that a well-planned environment impacts behaviors. This is why I usually spent 3-6 hours every Sunday evening in my classroom. I believe that children need to enter an organized space that has a purpose and a flow. If you set 16 preschoolers free in a room of random toys they are bound to have issues related to over-crowding (several children want to play with the same toys) that result in sharing disputes. Such disputes can result in hitting out f frustration or even biting if the child lacks the verbal skills to adequately express his/her feelings and ...view middle of the document...

Theory Explanation: One theory this section covered is nature verses nurture. This is a commonly debated topic in child psychology. Clearly both play a significant role in development, behavior, and other aspects of life. A stimulating environment for preschoolers have a lot of positive effects of the class.
6. Q: How does playing make believe aid in child development?
A: Make believe play is actually important for a child's cognitive development. Young learners tend to emulate the behaviors of their parents or interesting characters they have been exposed to as well as animals and dinosaurs. This is their way of beginning to understand things they do not actually experience. While this seems simplistic, when you look at the big picture and how this later impacts learning--it is huge. How do adult learners understand a history lesson? By being able to imagine and relate based on the facts presented in class. Imagination is an important learning tool and playing make-believe is an important piece of a child's growing imagination.
Theory Explanation: Play is...

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