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How Crucial Was Lenin's Role In The November Revolution?

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Following his death in 1924 Lenin was raised to the status of a god-like figure by Stalin. Lenin's role in the November revolution was therefore seen as crucial. However, was this merely to allow Stalin to gain power by presenting himself as a faithful successor to Lenin? The varying schools of historical interpretation give differing views as to how crucial Lenin's role was in the revolution. Although Lenin spent the majority of 1917 in exile, this did not stop him playing a leading role in the party. Lenin's first step after his return from Switzerland was to issue his April Theses, which as well as outlining Bolshevik policies, also illustrates Lenin's personal determination to make the revolution happen. Although not immediately accepted by the party it did later win them support because they were the only party who did not support the Provisional Government. Lenin's other crucial step towards the revolution is a letter he sent to the Central Committee (12-14 Sept) calling for a second revolution. Lenin recognised that the time was right for a revolution and had to persuade the party to act straight away before the favourable moment passed. Lenin was worried that if the party delayed the masses would become impatient and lose faith in the Bolsheviks and there was always danger of an attack from the right. There are other examples of how Lenin was crucial to the Revolution. For example when he returned in April, Lenin brought increased finances to the party, which strengthened them. Lenin also sent agitators to the Army which caused a huge rise in desertion, thus weakening the Provisional Government. Following the letter in September, Lenin came secretly to Petrograd on 10 October to put the matter of a second revolution beyond any doubt at a meeting of twelve member of the committee. Finally, Lenin gained support for the Bolshevik party by translating and simplifying Marxism for the masses.However, other Bolshevik leaders also played crucial roles in the revolution....

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