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How Does Dsl Works? How Does Cable Modem Works? Compare Pros And Cons. Which One Do You Like To Use And Why?

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Technological changes impact our lives with its fast-growing, digitalized, high-speed, electronic, multi-media global network. We are in the middle of a digital revolu-tion that is delivering more media rich information into our homes and even when we are on the move. Consider these: 1) all major, and many medium-sized towns now have ca-ble TV, 2) telephone service suppliers are increasing, 3) 22% of households now have at least one mobile phone, 4) "Digital TV with its 200 channels and interactive services is now definite, 5) TV's and telephones with Internet access can now be purchased. These are promoted as easy to set-up and easy to use, mass consumer items." (Beating, 1999).As we look into these technological changes, a question arises in our minds, which is better, DSL, or cable modem? Offhand, I can say that it all depends on the par-ticular providers, the particular geographic area, and one's specific requirements. There is no hard and fast rule. Either one can be good, mediocre, or poor depending on the con-sumer's needs and demands. This paper shall attempt to give a comparison of the DSL and cable modem after exploring how each works.How DSL Works In figuring out how DSL works, we first have to examine the wires that connect your home or small business to a telephone company. These copper wires are wound around each other and are called twisted pair. You exchange voice information and the type of signal used for this is called an analog signal. This analog signal is acoustic in nature, but is converted to an electrical equivalent in terms of volume and pitch. The sig-nal is transmitted through the wire on a selected frequency (CNet Reviews). To properly understand DSL, we first need to know what frequencies are. In or-der to visualize this, we can look at it as splitting a telephone wire lengthwise into sec-tions. Each section is a frequency. You can send information along this frequency in the form of a signal. The transmission of the signal is converted into cycles per second. Each cycle is known as a hertz. For example, a megahertz (MHz) is one million cycles per second. Each hertz can carry a signal along its separate frequency. The total range of frequencies, expressed in Kilobits per second (Kbps) is called the bandwidth (CNet Re-views). In a telephone conversation, human voices, speaking in normal conversational tones, can be carried in a frequency range of 0 - 3,400 Hertz. Because telephone compa-nies limit the frequencies carried over the lines, the phone system can pack a lot of wires into a very small space without worrying about the interference between the lines. This is good news for DSL since they can use the large amount of space left on the lines to transmit digital signals (DSL and Cable Modem Networks). Different types of DSL have now been developed. It can now use the available space on the phone line to transmit high speed digital signals. More and more improve-ments are being done. Most...

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