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How Does E Commerce Help Business Entities Achieve Operational Excellence?

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Nowadays almost everything is done through the use of the Internet. Paying bills and buying music or software are just a few of the many things people do online. Businesses sell goods or services and use the Internet for advertisement purposes as well. In this era of online technological abundance it is interesting to figure out the different ways on how business entities do their business transactions online. This mini project will take a closer look in to e-commerce and related issues including internet technology, digital goods and marketing. Thus these following areas will be focused on. The main purpose of the report is to answer the problem formulation and make the necessary conclusions in the end. In order to answer the problem at hand; related statistics, theories from IT- strategy and some online research are necessary and will be the main sources of information.Electronic commerce, e-commerce or eCommerce by definition means the sale and purchase of goods and services over the Web and the Internet . It involves commercial transactions between organizations and individuals using digitally, Internet- enabled platforms or devices. There are 3 types of E-commerce; B2C, B2B and C2C. The following types will be discussed in detail further below.Business-to-consumer targets retailing products/services to individual customers normally by using catalogue utilizing shopping cart software. Some examples of B2C sites are H&,,, and is where companies transact or do business with each other. Manufacturers selling to distributors, wholesalers selling to retailers are some of the possible sequences in B2B. Pricing is often negotiated and in terms of quantity. Examples of B2B sites are; ChemConnect, Dell, Microsoft, Oracle, SpaceWorks, Trade Compass and many others.Consumer-to-consumer means online users can transact and do business with other online users of a particular site. Free classified ads, forums, auctions and links make it possible for users to transact with each other online. Due to the invention of security payment systems i.e. PayPal it became a lot easier and more secure to handle money transactions through the Internet. One popular example is eBay; an online auction site where users bid on products and consumers sell their products to other users.Another concept concerning Internet-enabled devices is mobile commerce. Almost most of handheld, wireless mobile devices have Internet access. Considering this, one can transact and purchase products/services with the use of these devices. M-commerce will not be focused on .7 unique features of E-commerceThere are 7 unique features of E-commerce namely; ubiquity, global reach, universal standards, richness, interactivity, information density and personalization or customization. The following features are to be discussed further below.E-commerce is considered to be ubiquitous, meaning it can be used everywhere and is universal. You...

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