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A final point worth noting is Macbeth's reported inability to answer "Amen" to a solemn prayer to God. Shakespeare's post-medieval world still strictly adhered to the binary opposition between the divine and the occult, or to put it in more ecclesiastic terms, between Christ and Satan. The belief went that Satanic forces would not, or could not pay homage to Christ. Thus, Macbeth's inability to answer "Amen" reflects his debasement, sinking to the ranks of the witches and joining his wife there (recall her prayer to "spirits" in I.v.40).More specifically, James, king of England, was in competition with the king of Scotland at the time, and let us not fail to notice that this play takes place in Scotland, the troubled country of the north. This Scottish trouble due to riotous kingdoms is meant in due contrast to James's legitimate, peaceful and just England. As this play was seen by the masses in Shakespeare's Globe Theater, this was excellent "PR" for James.It was written for his new patron, James I (James VI of Scotland), following the death of Queen Elizabeth. James was interested in witchcraft and Scotland, and hence the themes in the play. Banquo is James's ancestor. The play itself tells the story of a man, urged by his wife and foretold by prophecy, who commits regicide in order to gain power. Unfortunately, due to numerous quirks of language and obscure allusions, the play is difficult to understand without assistance. Using this annotated version along with external links and analysis, to more information, you can now get a better grasp of one the best tragedies ever written, the tale of Macbeth.At this moment she thinks she hears something and says, "Hark! Peace! / It was the owl that shriek'd, the fatal bellman, / Which gives the stern'st good-night. He is about it" (2.2.2-4). A lot happens in these few words. When she says "Hark!" she's telling herself to listen, and then when she says "Peace!" she's telling herself to be quiet, so that she can hear what she's listening for. After she listens, she decides that she heard a screech owl, and she takes that as a good omen, because the screech owl is nature's own "fatal bellman." A "fatal bellman" is a night watchman who rings a bell at the door of a prisoner scheduled for execution in the morning, and an owl does the same job in nature, because--according to folklore--the screech of a screech owl foretells the death of a person. Therefore, Lady Macbeth believes that because she has just heard the owl's screech, her husband must be "about it," that is, doing it (the murder) at this very moment.Characteristics shown by Lady Macbeth that develop later in the play.Lady Macbeth - Wife to Macbeth and his primary motivator. A childless woman, from the start of the play she turns feverish at the prospect of becoming queen and declares that she would kill her own child--"dash his brains out"--if it helped her achieve this (I.vii.55). This connection between childlessness and power has...

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1733 words - 7 pages be king someday, but they do not tell him how he will become king. Macbeth tells this information to Lady Macbeth through a letter and she is happy but she does not think Macbeth can do what has to be done for him to become king. Since Macbeth is hesitant to kill the king, Lady Macbeth calls him out when she says, “Art thou afeard to be the same in thine own act and valour as thou art in desire? Wouldst thou have that which thou esteem’st the

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731 words - 3 pages is when Macbeth sees the ghost of Banquo and says; “never shake thy gory locks at me” (page 83)! This is just one more example of Shakespeare showing how much this loss of innocence has corrupted the minds of the Macbeths. In conclusion, Shakespeare uses a repetition of the word blood and blood imagery to show and symbolize a loss of innocence. The two main ways he does this is using blood to represent the evil deeds of the Macbeths and using the theme, corruptibility of the human mind.

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4125 words - 17 pages begins to taunt him and asks him 'was the hope drunk' when she asked if he would murder the king. I think that the is a very clever woman, as she knows exactly how to twist Macbeths' mind. She begins to accuse him of being afraid and cowardly and this upsets Macbeth as what he does not want to be is afraid or cowardly. Then she says she will 'account thy love'. I think that this would really upset Macbeth as he truly loves

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1629 words - 7 pages he would feel safer if Banquo was dead. Mac Beth tries to turn the evil that he has done onto Malcom and Donalbienas by keeping alive the suspicion that they killed their father. Also by inviting Banquo to the feast he diverts the suspicion from himself. MacBeths soliloquy in this scene indicates his bitterness and his dialogue with the murders indicates how unscrupulous he is. In scene two MacBeth is bothered by the

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629 words - 3 pages persuasive techniques such as: threats, insults, narrative voice and rhetorical questions. All this creates an impression on the audience that their relationship is very strong. An example of this is shown when this is said by Lady Macbeth "Live a coward in thine esteem", this tells also tell us that their relationship is so strong that Lady Macbeth knows Macbeths strengths and weaknesses and how to manipulate Macbeth to her advantage. Another

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2107 words - 8 pages scene as the new rulers of Scotland talk about Macbeths evilness, 'producing forth the cruel ministers,' just as they spoke about his righteousness, 'o' valiant cousin' at the start of the play. The audience is reminded of what a good person Macbeth was known to be and how he turned into an evil person. This then gives the audience a sense of waste fulfilling this piece of criteria. Personally I do feel innocence for Macbeth

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1206 words - 5 pages his life to enable him to gain the power he craves so much. In the play Macbeths driving force comes partly from Lady Macbeth and the three witches. He does not believe he has the strength to kill the king- " to be king stands not within prospects of belief," Lady Macbeth is much like Macbeths character in the play as she craves power and she can get this power she needs through her husband Macbeth. Lady Macbeth knows

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796 words - 3 pages to know more from the witches. Stay, you imperfect speakers, tell me more: By Sinel’s death I know I am Thane of Glamis; But how of Cawdor? the Thane of Cawdor still lives, A prosperous gentleman; and to be king, Stands not within the prospect of belief, The witches’ prophecy has put the idea of becoming king into Macbeths mind. He starts to think about it and how it can become true. By the end of scene three the idea of

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758 words - 3 pages Darwin theory that is not mentioned in Machismo is natural selection that explains how characteristics of species start to die out because they are not strong enough to withstand the surrounding environment. As we see in this tragic play, Macbeth himself seems to lose himself to his surroundings and leave us with shocking deaths. Macbeths proves he is not a man through his unwillingness to take risks along with ignoring his own illustration of a

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