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How Does Moniza Alvi Explore The Concept Of Identity In An Unknown Girl?

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Alvi also employs the use of end-stopped lines in key moments of the poem to highlight key aspects of identity. At the height of the poem, when Moniza Alvi is feeling deeply connected to her culture, she claims she has “new brown veins.” This is the first end-stopped line we encounter in the entire poem, and Alvi uses it to accentuate her connection to this newfound aspect of her identity. The “brown” she if referring to is the henna that someone is making on her hand of a peacock. The henna, as well as the peacock, is symbolic of India, and the Indian cultural identity, as henna is something associated with India, and the peacock is the Indian national bird. The fact she has “new brown veins” shows the magnitude of how the speaker has been impacted by her hennaing experience, as the brown, of the henna and the peacock, is inside her, meaning that the Indian cultural identity is within her. Not only is it within her, but it has become her “veins”; it is necessary for her to live, as we need our veins to carry the blood to our body. This illustrates to the reader how significant the speaker’s experience was, as not only has it affected her, but has become crucial to her very survival.
The other utilization of the second and last, end-stopped line occurs at the lowest-point of the novel, when the tone shifts from comfort and happiness to sadness and longing. The speaker describes how the henna “will fade in a week.” The henna continues to be symbolic of India, and the Indian cultural identity, which the speaker does not want to lose. The use of the end-stopped line accentuates her sadness that she will eventually lose this new aspect of her own identity, as when something fades, it is a sadder event than when something is gone altogether, as it lasts longer and lengthens the sad experience of loosing something. The reader can connect the sadness of, for example, a family member ‘fading’, as knows it would be much more depressing than if a family member died quickly, as the experience is dragged on longer. This expressed to the reader the sadness the speaker feels about the fact she will not have this experience of encountering her identity forever. The speaker goes on to add she will be “longing for the unknown girl.” In this case, the “unknown girl” represents the new identity she encountered, the cultural identity of India, which she will miss and ‘long’ for, further adding to the longing aspect of the tone. The speaker will miss the newfound identity she encountered in the bazaar, as evidenced by the sad, longing tone created in this section.
Furthermore, Alvi uses the manner in which the poem was written to convey to the reader how significant this experience of encountering a forgotten aspect of her identity, as well as a new cultural identity, was for the speaker, and how the she desires to hold on to it. The poem is written with mostly enjambed lines, in one stanza, with no official rhyme or rhythm to it. This format reminds the reader of a...

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