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How Does Sun's Strategy Integrate Their Marketing, Management, Technology, And Service Functions Into One Effective Strategy?

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Sun integrates their marketing, management, technology, and service functions into one effective strategy by building common sense systems for smart enterprises. Sun was founded with one driving vision. A vision of computers that talks to each other no matter who built them. A vision in which technology works for the customer, not the other way around. While others protected proprietary, stand-alone architectures, Sun focused on taking companies into the network age, providing systems and software with the scalability and reliability needed to drive the electronic marketplace.Sun, prides itself on avoiding wasting valuable time by getting acceptance of Total Quality Management (TQM) business practices from top management. I attribute this obvious plus to the organization's awareness that business intelligence has become the key to competing in the customer economy. Sun has established a history of innovation and leadership that stretches from the protocols that propel the Internet to the widely adopted Java technology that is used in everything from smart cards to supercomputers. They provide breakthroughs that change the way people work and the way companies do business. Therefore becoming a key enabler for creating smart enterprises, which includes smart applications, smart customer interactions, and smart decisions.The organization's willingness to embrace technology as a management tool has moved them far beyond Web servers to providing many of the technologies required to make this possible: storage products, a vast array of e-business software, and consultants that not only supply all the gear but also hold customers' hands every step of the way.In a market place dominated by distributed computing, consolidated intelligent data storage is critical to smart enterprise. Sun's intelligent storage enterprise solutions scale from the desktop to the data center, with the goal of ensuring that mission-critical data is available to authorized users anytime and from anywhere. Sun has shown a unique ability by applying its networking expertise to storage needs as storage along with nearly every aspect of information technology increasingly becoming a network issue.I also believe that it would be safe to point out that in virtually every field, from manufacturing to financial services, telecommunications to education, retail to government, energy to health care, Sun is helping companies leverage the power of the Internet to streamline processes, raise productivity and to reduce both costs and complexity. Sun understands the critical issues organizations face every day, and offer proven products and comprehensive services to take businesses to a new level of competitive advantage.However, Sun's management team from its' top executives to department section managers all recognized that as broad as their product line is, no single supplier of computing solutions could be all things to all people. Therefore, Sun established long-standing relationships...

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