How To Be An Effective Terrorist

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The United States have had many enemies in foreign countries around the world. On a list of more than seventy, the list of supposed terrorist groups, many stand out, the most recent, and identified usually the most threatening is the Al Qaeda. Usama Bin Laden, leader of the Al Qaeda, organizer of the 9/11 attack on September first, in 2001 was the most wanted man on many countries lists. This was until the decade long manhunt, finally in 2011 Usama was presumably assassinated. With the death of their leader, and the increasing spread of Western influence, their motive is undeniable, however, there are many ways to combat the US, despite the many security since established during the “War on Terrorism”. The United States is vulnerable in the area of bio-terrorism because of the relative stealth of disease.
With Al Qaeda being an enemy, the risk against the United States almost all of the country could be vulnerable, considering the amount of publicity the organization has received. Although this is very questionable in terms of factual information, it is still plausible that the Al Qaeda can launch another large scale attack. How though? A good question, yet short. In theory, the EBola virus, which had a new outbreak in Guinea, Africa, was discovered to be very deadly. With almost a 90% death rate, most who receive it may be good as dead. This is not the only reason why it would be an effective weapon however. Ebola, a case of hemorrhagic fever, cause internal bleeding, and external from virtually any spot on the body. One might believe that this would be easy to spot, almost a dead giveaway, if a person were to be bleeding out. This however, is also not the case. This virus has an incubation period of 2-21 days, which means a plane ticket, even from the opposite side of the world, would only take about 15 hours. With this spread time, the Ebola virus, which during incubation period could easily pass through physical exams and medical checks, would probably reach the United States. Naturally, most sane men would not volunteer themselves to receiving a virus and traveling to another country. Easily, this could be a trick, or staged as an accident. A member of Al Qaeda could easily pose as a travel agency, requiring a “vaccine” to pass to America. This would be administered at the last possible second, the day or morning before a booked flight. Of course, the ticket would go under the company name of the travel agency, and additionally, most people hiding in such third world countries would love to see the United States.
Politically speaking, the Al Qaeda was once allies with the United States, but that quickly changed, especially now. Many Al Qaeda leaders, already on the US kill list, are not simply relieved to travel to and from place to place. This means, the Al Qaeda leaders would stay safely confined, without having to lift a finger. It would be more than simply to have a wandering tourist spread one of the worlds currently most deadly...

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