How To Survive In A Jungle

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Alp TEZOL 3 October 2013NEEDS TO SURVIVE IN A JUNGLEAlmost 300 cases of disappearances in the jungles of South America were recorded in 2012, and more than half of the people are still not found today. Getting lost in a jungle is not a rare occasion! Due to tree canopies darkness falls quickly in a jungle, which might cause you to find yourself in the midst of jungle in pitch dark. Therefore you have to be aware of the dangers and know how to protect yourself. To survive in a jungle, you need to know your directions, need a shelter that will protect you from wildlife, and the hope to survive no matter what. By keeping these in mind, you will definitely find your way out without a scratch.The first thing that you have to worry about is deciding where to go. In a jungle you must know that a wrong turn will lead you going in circles and can be irreversible. Fortunately, there are different ways to have a constant direction. A compass is a necessity that will definitely increase your chance of surviving as you can choose a direction and stick to it regardless of the situation. Almost no one keeps a compass in his/her pocket but luckily there is another method! Observing the sun correctly can allow you to use it as your own personal compass. If you don`t know, the sun rises at the east and sets at the west, by following the movement you will determine where east and west are at all times. Knowing where your east and west are will eliminate the risk of getting lost as you can just keep on walking to one direction. To be aware of your direction is a large part of the plan, but you will certainly need more to survive such as a shelter.Secondly, building a shelter is definitely a must. A good shelter will hide you from wildlife intruders, mentally comfort you and make you remain calm and in control. Do not forget to make use of the things that you already have with you. For example, a poncho, ripped plastic sheeting or a length of rope can be a brilliant use in a jungle. The simplest way to form a canopy is tying the poncho or...

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