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How To Establish Your Own Nation

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How to: Establish Your Own Nation

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In 18th century France, when the third estate felt oppressed by the inept monarchy, they revolted. In 20th century Russia, when the heads of state proved unable to govern their own nation, they were overthrown. In 17th century England, when Charles I policies became too oppressive and too hard to handle, he was kicked off of the thrown. All these three examples have one thing in common, after the head of state was booted from the throne, no one consciously attempted to anger the people of that nation again. The citizens had made a statement. A statement that said that enough was enough. After taxes go above a certain level, or real estate becomes far too difficult to find, one must put their foot down and make a statement. Something that tells the head of state that what they’re doing is wrong and that they need to change it. In the past, a revolution was staged. But the past is the past and it was different back then. What one needs is a statement. Something that tells the Head of State that, after a certain level of oppression, they need to stop. Sometimes, the best way to do that, is by starting a new country, one’s own country in the territory of the incompetent head of state. To start one’s new country, one needs a permanent population, a government, land, the ability to interact with other nations, to be accepted as a nation by other nations and some might argue, a culture.
To create a sovereign state, one’s new ‘country’ must meet a certain few standards. One must have a defined territory, a permanent population, a government and the ability to establish relations with other nations (Conventions of Rights and Duties of States- Article One). Meeting those requirements is easier said than done. Drawing a defined territory may irk the temper of larger, more respected nations that don’t look too kindly on losing land. Finding a permanent population is fairly easy, since there are no defined rules about how many people said population must include but the third step gets harder as one’s population grows larger. When shaping a government, if you want to retain one’s permanent population (If that population is larger than oneself), one must take into account the interest and opinions of the entire population which gets more difficult the more the population grows. Larger population usually means a larger number of opinions, some of them conflicting.The last step, of being able to establish relations with other nations, has come under a bit of speculation since it was established at the Montevideo Conference, having no set definition as to what exactly was ‘establishing relations with other nations’ was. (“How to Start Your Own Country - 3). As long as a nation has a permanent population, territory and a government, it is usually classified as a ‘nation’.
Luckily, the second step is a lot easier. The next thing that must be done is to declare independance. One of the problems with...

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