How To Maintain Repeated Clients Essay

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I am going to explain how you maintain repeat clients. I will discuss how you can improve your clients’ services and how to get them to rebook. I will also give information on the top seven client complaints and how to avoid them. And last I will go over how to keep clients in general.
I will first start off with how you can improve your client services. Improving client services can be the easiest thing to do. Expressing safety is one very important key to enforce. To begin, we create a safe environment. We should have place that is consistent and is focused on our clients. We want our clients to trust us and to have a solid foundation with a normal routine that is followed how they like. As therapist we need our clients to feel comfortable. So, by setting starting times and ending times that are followed helps build trust. Listening to the clients need and focusing on helping those needs can help with the client returning for another session. We also want our clients to feel as comfortable as possible like the massage room is just for them. A place where they are able to let go of the outside world and concentrate on what their bodies are telling them. In order to create a safe haven the therapist has to be compassionate, caring and understanding while demonstrating skills for their client to grow. The therapist needs to listen to the client and what their muscle are telling them. Lastly always practice proper draping so the client doesn’t feel vulnerable at any time so their able to truly relax.
Second, I will discuss how therapist to get their clients to rebook. The most important thing that can help keep a new client is to always give the best massages. After giving your incredible massage you should ask the client if they want to schedule another appointment before leaving your office. Another way to help you to rebook a client is to offer special discounts like birthday coupons or holiday specials and even referrals specials. You can also go as far as adding things in for the client to try instead of always giving discounts. The most important one to me is calling the clients that you saw the day before to see how they are doing and feeling. I know when my doctor or dentist office to check up on me the next day it makes me feel important and that they really care.
Client complaints as well as how to avoid them is the third thing I will discuss. The seven...

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